New to KAP, first gear

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Hi, I 've read about KAP at the Belgian coast more than 10 years ago. I love thinkering and I just finished renovating our home. I decided to dive into a new hobby that I admired so many years ago.

Once Peter Bults from KAPshop is back from holiday I'm ordering my first gear.

I woud go for a rokakku with the BEAK-ho rigg.
As camera I have a canon SX220HS with CHDK.
My camera is fairly new and I 'm hesitating if I should buy a low cost 2nd hand canon to practice shots, or take the risk and try with the sx220?

I'm still busy reading a lot of info On thuis forum but all tips or remarks are welcome.

I feel like a kid who know what presents are under the tree, but I have to wait until X-mass to open them.


  • Start with a cheap camera you don't mind breaking preferably. Otherwise, you're good to go. Good luck.
  • Disclaimer: I haven't actually flown a KAP session yet (I'm measuring twice/thrice/20times before I do so). However, I'm finding a Canon A2300 with Canon Hack Development Kit can be had for less than $80US (I bought one on an Amazon special for $59 and another on eBay for $51). For some of us, $50-$80 isn't free money, but you won't go bankrupt with the A2300.

    I plan to learn KAP with this cheaper camera (which can take quite sophisticated photos) before I move up to using a heavier digital SLR with nice lenses. Current Amazon price for a new (pink) A2300 is $79US with free shipping.
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