All in one KAP kit for sale

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Hi all,

Lot’s of good deals out here! Some items for sale:

All in one KAP kit for compact and small DSLR cameras (e.g.: Canon G12, Canon Rebel). If you start from scratch, this is what you need: Includes Rokkaku Kite, various lines, winders, KAP rig, remote control, LiPo battery, LiPo charger, remote shutter and small accessories.

Prices are indicative only, please do not hesitate to contact me with your best offer!
zacharie [at]

1./ KITE: Rainbow Focus 78"x63" Rokkaku with a 0.3" carbon frame=$90 (used 1 time):
This Kite is relatively easy to launch and has a rather wide wind range (much wider if you properly tune the bridle and the bow lines).

2/ KAP rig with Radio System =$375 (new): (Check-out the video at:
- Tactic 2.4GHz Radio System (4 channels)
- Brooxes Basic KAP Kit with Picavet
- Brooxes Bolt-on Leg Brackets with Carbon Legs
- Brooxes Better Gear Guide with Standard Gears
- Brooxes Hangups
- Brooxes Pan Gear Upgrade
- Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo
- Ball-Bearing Blocks for the Picavet
- Hitec HS-645MG
- LiPo Balancing Charger
- LiPo 2S 7.4V 800mAh 25C
- KAPshop Lipo­Saver

- 10" Yoyo Spool Winder with 300lb x 700ft Braided Dacron Line=$15 : ,
- 10" Yoyo Spool Winder = $10 (new) :
- [SOLD] 160lb x 1000ft Braided Dacron Line=$10 (new, in original package):

COMPLETE KIT=$500 OBO + Shipment from California
The original Kit cost me about $660 (I can provide the receipts for those who are interested)

For buyers of the complete KAP kit, I offer an additional Halo Reel Winder with Braided 300lb x 300ft Dacron Line:


PS:The remote shutter is a gentWIRE-FOCUS 018JK with a KAPshop LiSa (, which allows control of focus and shutter using the remote control. The Kit is perfect for compact cameras like Canon G12 (already tested). The list of compatibilities of the gentWIRE-FOCUS 018JK is available on gentles website:
(You will have to buy a new gentWIRE-FOCUS if your camera is not compatible).
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