KAP and Drone rig using the Nex 5N for FPV.

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Hi, I'm looking for advise on setting up two systems, KAP and Drone Photography/Videography, to document archaeological sites. I currently have a Rok kite and I would ideally like to use the Nex 5N to image. I have been using the Hero3, but the Nex 5N would have superior results, I currently use this camera for underwater cave photography as well. However, I'm not familiar with setting up a FPV so that I can frame the shots, manipulate the exposures and take the images. I would also like to use the same system with a Drone. I currently have the DJI phantom which has limitations with weight. Is there someone with experience and knowledge of using a FPV system and perhaps the Nex 5n?

Thank you. fe


  • I'm currently trying to build a brushless gimbal for KAP. I'm using a Nikon DSLR, for the Nex there a few available.

    Try and look for forums on multicopters and find topics on brushless gimballs, there's a lot of development going on in the multicopter/multirotor RC area.

    Here's my current status: http://www.lightcatcher.nl

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    All the bits are here: http://www.immersionrc.com/products.php

    If you are using 2.4GHz for control you will need to use a different band for video I went for 5.8

    Sony don't give you an AV out on the NeX5 so you will need to use a preview camera ( I mount mine on the hot shoe) on the rig.

    Good luck,

  • Video preview with the NEX-Series can be done via a HDMI converter between camera and video Tx . This one, mostly stripped done to its bare electronics, is used throughout the evil multirotor community. I would prefer that over a separate camera. Do be precise: I do, on my multirotors. I haven't kapped with video downlink yet...

    Cheers, Jorre
  • @Jorre: the converter you mntion might have issues on some camera's. See http://arch.ced.berkeley.edu/kap/discuss/index.php?p=/discussion/4048/hdmi-to-composite-video-converter-that-works-with-sony-nex-cameras/p1

    I've had problems while using it, but have to experiment further... It is on my todo list.

    The converter + cable is quite a bit heavier than a small separate camera, so I chose that route for now,
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    For completeness, just referencing my page outlining NEX-5, HDMI issues, and the workarounds!
  • @ hanselpedia: Right, I read that some day, but forgot as I have a NEX-5C and experienced no problems at all... As for the converter: It's 20 grams only as you mention in the other thread - the main problem is to find a lightweight cable. By the way - that cable you have looks brilliant with its angled connector, where did you get it?

    I like to have the exact framing of the camera on my ground monitor for I tend to try to do the framing as exact as possible - what's your way of achieving that with a separate camera with a different focal length?
  • Hi Guys,

    I would like to chip in on this one. I wanted to use my existing downlink set-up and attach the Nex5/5R to it. I purchased one of these converters from the usual suspects (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-Helicopter-Mini-HDMI-to-AV-Convert-Board-w-Cable-for-Sony-Nex-5N-Nex-7N-/200960016574?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2eca2680be). I connected the power to both and the rubbish cable is very flexible and fits very well into the HDMI. It took me a while to realise that I had to hold the shutter button down to receive an image on my screen, especially with the Nex 5R where you have to hold the button in slightly longer for the connection to form. The converter works well with no problems.
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