Strato-Spool kite reels - now with photos- now available

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Hi folks,

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an introductory note, as I am old at kiting, but new here on the KAP forums.
I am the inventor/builder of Strato-Spools, and based on some info I have found here on the KAP forums and some conversations I have had with members, am planning to go back into limited production of my reels.

Wind-Watcher especially has been 'keeping the torch lit' with his conversations about reels and how to improve them.

For your interest, here are some photos:

The first is the very first Strato, with a production #8 behind it.
The second is a small reel I built for my young son, the first three #8's and the first two #16's.
The third is a modified old-stock #16 with an extended frame and a double web loop to allow the reel to be anchored, and an experimental #8 with a wider spool core and an extended frame.

Well, it appears I have no clue about how to post photos on this forum......stay tuned while I figure this out......

So...according to Admin, the only way is to post the images on Flickr or the like and link to them.
I will ask tech support (my Son) to help me out tomorrow.....

Meanwhile, a question for you folks:

Were I to begin building stratos' again, which size(s) would you wish to see available?

The three I was building were:
No. 8 ..... 1000' of 50-75 pound test line
No.16..... 1000' of 100-150 "
No.24..... 1000' of 200-250 "


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    Hi Roscoe,

    This what I do to post pictures on this forum. I use a three step process.
    Step 1 post pictures to flicker.
    Step 2 select and copy the flicker html link
    Step 3 paste the link in the body of your post on this forum.

    Given past interest in the stratospools I expect several KAPers would be interested in buying your high quality reels.

    As previously discussed I am planning to host a Google+ hangout late in December to explore advancing the design. Hopefully you and others can join.

    As for what size stratspool works best, I have used all three. I fly high and like to have lots of line. For me the 16 and 24 work the best.

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    I'm in the 24 category too. I usually have a 1000 feet of 200/250 dacron in my hand even if I don't always use it. I've been in areas lately where I need to get the kite above the terrain-related "wind shadows" even if the rig is low.

    It would be nice to bring it down faster :)

    The european crowd might be the ones using less line in general.

  • For me the 16 and 24 works best.
  • If you want a simple no-frills image hosting without the bells and whistles of Flickr, then you can put your images on, take the link and post here. It's designed as a place to drop images for linking on other sites.

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    I'm in the UK and I'm currently using 100kg 220metre but as said our airspace is some what crowed. So we have to fly at very much lower heights.
  • I created a Flickr account tonight and uploaded some photos of my Strato-Spools.

    Here's the very first Strato-Spool:

    Here's Strato number one with a production No.8 behind it:

    This is a new-model No. 16L (longer frame and double nylon loop):

    Here is a No. 16L with a one-off No 8A in front:

    This photo is an early reel, the first three Strato No.8's, and the first two No. 16's:
  • The No. 16L reels pictured above are very close to what will become my new production models, the top-handle will be similar to the No. 24's, and on both the 16's and 24's. the nylon strap will have two loops, as shown, for a reel-stop, and a tie-down. Both will get U-shaped steel line guides instead of the eye-screws previously used. Any new No. 8's, for the next 20 or so, will still have eye-screws for line guides, because I have a batch of frames already made up from back in my earlier production days that are drilled for eye-screws.

    I have two recently-assembled 16L's and the one 8A shown above for sale, if anyone's interested, contact me.
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    What means are you going to sell them through and you arrived at pricing ? Count me in as a definite purchaser for the 16L
  • Roscoe, I sent you a PM, count me in for a 24. Interested in details. Glad you're building again!
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    For the newcomers: check out this good video by WW about the stratospool. Helps you understand how the stratospool works!
    Jim: thanks for sharing that! (for the record: this is NOT roscoes stratospool, but Jims)

    Roscoe: I'm interested in the 24L model. I've just sent you a PM.
  • Folks, thanks for your replies! I've been away from the computer for a couple of days, Deuce, I missed your message by mere minutes. I'll send you a PM in a bit.....

    The No. 8A that I have pictured above is $90, the two 16L's are $120. The new versions of the reels will be $100 for the No.8's, $130 for the 16's. and $160 for the No.24's. As I work through old parts I have in stock, I will keep my prices at 90/120...... I have basically no No. 24 parts on hand, so when I begin to build them in a few weeks, they will all be the new/updated design and pricing.

    My son is building me a website, Strato-Spools will be shown, and offered for sale, there.
  • Look forward to the website I want to purchase a 16's, please let me know when available for purchase.
  • I have two No. 16 reels available now, they are the same as the ones I used to build, except that the frames are a couple inches longer.
  • Hi Roscoe, Any update on the new stratospools and web site?

    Sent you a couple of e-mails but no reply yet.

  • WW,
    I ordered a 24 model. It itches :) Patience is not one of my core competences! :)
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    Just a thought.... When I bought a kite from USA I had to pay as much in delivery and Customs charges because it was new. If the stratospools could be used before being sent, they might not incur the Customs charge... Just a thought.

    Sorry Mr Taxman

    Fly High

  • Hi Folks,

    As promised some time ago, I have built several of my No. 24 Strato-Spools, that are available for sale. They hold 1000 feet of 200-250 pound line.

    I have some No 16's (100-150 pound line) partially done, and will complete them as soon as a furniture piece I am building is complete and delivered.

    Message me for more info if interested.
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    Purchased the 16 and will not kite with out it, the quality of the build is excellent the best reel out there in my opinion and I have a few old Chinese steel reels that do not match up to the 16.
  • If anyone has contact information for Roscoe, can you please send me a private message? Thank you.
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