KAP kite, rig and miscellaneous for sale - UK

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Hi everyone,

Long time no post, and indeed, long time no KAP... :(

I just don't seem motivated enough anymore to get out there and take pictures, and having recently taken up the guitar, that's my new hobby, so the KAP stuff ought to go. Here's a description of sorts. Please refer to my flikr page to see pictures of the kit:


If this link doesn't work, or maybe I have all the pictures set to private, please let me know.

I'll start with the kite. It's a Sutton FlowForm 16, all nicely scrunched up and wound up with, I think, TWO fuzzy tails for stability. It's completely unmarked and undamaged. Lovely bright colours, and a superb lifter.

Then there's the Brooxes rig. I bought this from Peter at KAPshop a few years ago, and notice that they no longer seem to be in production, which is a shame. Anyway, I can't remember what model this is, suffice to say it has picavet and Gentled to operate my Sony NEX-5. It's a fairly heavy camera, so I also bought from Peter a Broox modification that you should be able to see fitted to the bottom frame of the rig. This allows the centre of gravity of a heavier camera to be carried in this rig, but you're not obliged to use it if you have a smaller point and shoot type camera. But you may have to remove the modification. Forgot to add that it has AURICO fitted for motive control.

This rig is in perfect working order - allows you to rotate the rig and tilt and all the rest of the fancy stuff. I'll include any manuals for the rig I might find, and also the Gentled. Only thing differs from new is that the legs are missing. Or rather, two of them are. They never were very well held in place and so I decided to ditch them, and just take care when landing - it teaches discipline if nothing else!

Right, what's next? Ok, there are two reels. One is metal, the other is yellow plastic (a hoop, in fact). The metal one has only one winding handle attached - you'd need to weld the other back on. It's quite usable, of course, as it is. Comes with lots of line. This line has been repaired (properly), so in use you will see a small knot several dozen feet above your head when flying. The plastic hoop has a hole drilled in the side to act as a place to hook the end of the line around.

Not technically being sold, but I'll include them anyway, are the plans you can see in one of the flikr pics. These plans are for a wooden reel that I never got around to making. Plans are by Eric Kieboom, and in the public domain, so, like I say, I am not selling them as such, just including them to be helpful. There is also a new wheel from a skateboard which was aimed at being the handle to hold at the centre of the reel.

Then there's some general kite flying kit - the figure of 8, caribiner, strop, other little devices for securing the kite when flying. Plus any other number of things that I have used in KAP.

If sold within the UK, then I'm looking for £250 plus postage. I will send outside Europe, but not the usual places like Nigeria/Latvia etc. Costs to the US are likely to be high I would have thought.

You can email me at: general_carnaby (AT SIGN) hotmail DOT com

Feel free to ask any questions.


  • Tim, only 19 photos are visible on your flickr photostream, none of them kite related.
  • Thanks Hamish, I'll go and see if they're marked private or something.
  • Ok, I know I should have checked this before - but the photos are now marked for public viewing. Please ignore all the car-related photos!
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