WWKW 2014, I'm ready!!

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Since looks like nobody asked during this year yet, it will be an honor for me to ask you again...

When is the WWKW going to take place? I can't wait to start!!!

Best regards


  • Me too.

    Fly High

  • Last week of May? Say 24-31?
  • Maybe coordinator WWKW, do twice a year KAP week? Formula itself is brilliant. Autumn light is wonderful. :O)

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    Ningaloo those dates sound good to me.
  • Ooo late May would be nice, hopefully by then all our snow will be gone in northern Michigan.
  • That would start on the UK Spring Bank Holiday week. Fine by me. It might even be summer weather !

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  • Let's wait for Ramon to decide...
  • Thanks, Ramiro, for giving this a swing! And thanks to all that already commented. Sorry for the neglect.

    To be honest I haven't been that busy with KAP lately. Too many other things going on.

    Anyway, I think that the last week of May sounds like a plan to me too. I am in!

    All the best from NL,

  • OK Ramon!!
    Then if everybody agree, WWKW 2014 will take place from May 23 to June 1st.
    This way we'll have two full weekends in case of rain ;-)
  • Was there a bit more info on WWKW somewhere? I found a 2013 thread about the subject, and it only stated that rules are the same than last year and before that etc... :)
  • heharkon,
    Rules are very simple... you have to go out and do some KAP during the WWKW timeframe. Then you can share those pics in the WWKW flickr group.
  • Ok, sounds so simple that even I can manage with that, thanks. :D
  • End of May? I think I'm in. (I hope I'm in this year!) All the goobers going on that might collide with WWKW for me should be done before the end of May.

  • I should be at the glorious Margham Park in South wales for th ebank holiday weekend. Weather permitting, I'm in.
  • WWKW 2014, I'm ready. Here we come!



  • Ok, not all the goobers will be done by May. I was hoping to take the week off of work for WWKW this year, like I've done in previous years. Not gonna happen, unfortunately. But if I can get two solid weekends without storms or absolute doldrums, I'll take it as a win.

  • Am in from mississippi. The rules are simple. will take this opportunity to take pictures of the wetlands of the Delta and driving further South to Louisiana.
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    Good day all,

    We are less than one week away from the 7th edition of the World Wide KAP Week...

    WWKW 2014, running from Friday 23rd May until Sunday June 1st.

    We all know what the rules are - well, there are no real rules to participate. The only thing to do to participate is to go out and 'do the thing'. And if the thing can't be done, well, post a picture of some groundwork. You all know what I mean, right?

    I will open the pool gates again somewhere during the week.

    And for the newcomers... the WWKW pool can be found here

    Start prepping!


  • ACK! Thanks for the reminder!

    Even better, I had a KAP outing planned Friday at a beach I haven't been to in ages. What a great opener for WWKW 2014! (Now I just have to plan the rest of the week!)

  • Can't wait. Must remember to charge all the batteries. I seem to have so many different types. (Too many cameras ! :-))

    I'm hoping the wind will be good as I have been invited to go to a second dig near Scarborough UK as well as an August KAP visit to Flixton island the Neolithic age dig I went to last year. Unfortunately, the photos of the first dig are not allowed to be posted on the Internet. I'll have to see if I can get group photos of the volunteers at the lunch break. That won't be banned.
    During the week I will be camping (in the motorhome) near Skipsea Broughs an old castle mound and associated earthworks I didn't realise we're there till I visited the other year. The trouble lately is that the winds have been strange round these very old sites like the stone circles I visited after Easter.

    I wish you all good winds and weather for WWKW 2014

    Fly High

  • WWKW 2014, I'm ready too.....

    My new DIY 10 Feet UL Rokkaku just complete in time for this event! :-)

  • Erich, does it fly if you just blow on it?? That is huge!
  • Kevin, may be..... depend on who blow on it! :-)

    Just did a 2nd test flight after replacing all the bridle lines from 500lb Darcon to 250lb dyneema, it reduce and other 150grams...
    Here is the Video :
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    I'm ready, I'm hoping for another laid back experience
    All hail WWKW2014


    Good luck everyone

  • Ready....set.....Go Fly a Kite (with a camera) for WWKW 2014.

    The hard part....picking a kite ;-)

    In past years....with WWKW....we had a volunteer or two help publish a book comprised of submissions by KAPers who took pictures over the WWKW time period. The book was generally edited by one person and published by a company like blurb and available to all who wished to by it (nice coffee table size). Do a search for WWKW and see what you get. ..... So any volunteers to be the editor of this years book! ...could be a nice project.

    Now back to what kite to use.....

    Enjoy WWKW!
    Kites That Lift Cameras
  • I'm afraid I'm not up for editing the book this year. Familial health issues continue, and my work schedule is too heavy to take on any outside projects. But I'd love to see a book this year.

    As for which kite to fly, my first KAP session of WWKW 2014 sort of answered that. I pulled out my 6' rokkaku and promptly snapped my upper spreader. DOH! I have spare parts at home to replace the spar, but it was a jarring start to the week! My Didakites rokkaku came to the rescue, though.

    Now as for which camera to fly, I had a fun one with that, too. I was flying almost on top of some kiawe trees (thorny trees), and didn't want to risk the line sag from my DSLR putting the line in the trees. So I pulled out my trusty A650 only to find... No batteries?! (I'd left them in the charger.) So I switched to my A2200. I've had mixed luck with that camera, so I wasn't too pleased to have it as my primary camera for the day. I put it up anyway, pointed, and tripped the shutter.

    WWKW2014 Anaehoomalu Bay Panorama

    I had some of the cleanest wind I've seen in ages, clear air almost to the horizon, and a really pleasant surprise when I pulled the photos off afterward. The A2200 really performed well.

    Despite the spar, despite the batteries, despite my missing gloves (since found) and my misplaced carabiners and strap (they were in the wrong pocket of my bag!) I had a great start to WWKW 2014. Here's hoping everyone else is having a good time, too!

  • Wet weather is forecast for a few days to come, hoping to get some airtime sooner then later.
  • No kite flying, but I finished my carbon fiber stratospool. That's something. I hope to try it out tomorrow ;)
  • With a bit of luck I have some time this afternoon.

    Have fun everyone!

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