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It would be good for members to introduce themselves to the group here with a short profile of who you are, where you hail from, your interest in KAP, what specific KAP aspects interest you, maybe include a picture, and something on your outside KAP interests, your other interests, family etc.

Simon H
(profile to come shortly)


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    It looks like Cris Benton established a Category "Member Profiles" where each member can post their own profile as the start of a new discussion. If we do it that way, we can have not only our profiles but some discussion following them.

    I'm not sure which way is best (doing it there, or posting here in this discussion) but we should probably all do it one way. And since it's Cris' site perhaps we should follow his lead.
  • Was that there from the start,? I missed it. Well right - perfect, thats the place for them then!
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    A capital idea Simon! (no it was not there before, we were/are all typing at the same time).

    I have created a Member Profile cateogry for us. My thinking is that a member profile thread in the General category will eventually sink toward the bottom (occasionally renewed by a new comment or profile only to sink again). By making a place for them they will be handily accessible -- and they will appear when entered under the Discussions tab too.

    I am open to suggestions for categories. I very much like Vanilla's feature of streaming all posts, regardless of category, through the master listing under the Discussions tab. That way we can have our catogorization cake and eat it too (no searching through all categories to see if something is new).

    Very tidy..
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    Hi Cris, how about a 'Bits' section?

    I agree, it's very clean. Is there a way to view number of views?
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    OK, how would you describe a 'Bits' section?

    The Vanilla philosophy statement says that they "wanted emphasis on the discussions rather than the statistics" so the view count may not happen. I will look for it though.
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    Haha! We're checking in about the same time.

    I guess it would represent the things and discussions one might find in the Bits area of the Flickr group. KAP Feather, pulleys, anchors, electronic gizomos widgets and doo-dads.

    "wanted emphasis on the discussions rather than the statistics"

    10-4 :)
  • I have added a Bits and Pieces category
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