New Monitor

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Just got a new rechargeable monitor for my soon to be made KAP rig. It's super light and has a great picture. Let me know if anyone else is using this and or what else everyone is using.


  • I bought a backup camera monitor for $30 on eBay to use with my GoPro while attached to my motorcycle. It has two video inputs (no audio), is 4.3" and runs on 12v. I haven't used it for KAP, but it would work easily for a pole cam.
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    I use the 2.5" but from another source. It's the same unit. Can't fault it for the money, the price of them varies hugely but if you put
    2.5inch lcd monitor
    into ebay you will find it. I have broken one by stuffing it in a tightly packed bag on a bike trip. I think I paid around £20 for it. At one point I had it powered by my Tx battery but since I moved to 2.4 gHz I haven't got round to the cut and shut operation required. Good screen in shadow rubbish in direct sunlight, just big enough for the job.

    It comes with a mobile 'phone battery which can be redeployed to power an autoKAP rig too!

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