Sale Prices Cut 50% or more!! Sweep-the-Workbench Sale!!

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No takers for my first offering, so I've cut all my sale prices by half or more.

All lot descriptions are partial, with a bunch of stuff unlisted in each package. All prices are a fraction of actual cost. Sorry, US sales only.

1. Servo Bag 1

At least a dozen assorted servos — HiTec, Parallax, Futaba, Cirrus, maybe others — ranging in size from Cirrus CS-4.4 to CS-60, plus a half dozen power switch assemblies, plus dozens of servo horns, spare gears, etc. Most new and unused, some used lightly. 2 lb. Was $80.00, now $40.00 plus $10 postage

2. Servo Bag 2

6 new FMA-Direct digital standard servos, plus a few new submicros and one bench-tested-only low profile retract standard-size servo. 1.5 lbs. Was $70.00, now $30.00 plus $10.00 postage

3. Big Bag of Recycled Kit Parts and Scrap Metal.

A very mixed bag of brooxes sheetmetal parts, most anodized black and modified or cut up in some way, many partial bits and pieces, some usable tilt frames, etc. Several (3 or 4 noted) micro servos installed on frames and salvageable. 4 lb. was $30.00, now FREE for the cost of $17 postage

4. Battery Bag

Lotsa battery packs of sizes ranging from tiny submicro to standard NiCd. Ten new 4.8v NiCd, most with Futaba plugs; 3 new Hydramax 4.8v NiMH 750mAh AAA; a dozen or so mostly used ultralight 4.8v NiMH packs in 1/3 to 2/3 AAA sizes (.6 to 1.6 oz). 3.5 lb. Was $45.00, now $20.00 plus $8 postage

If you’d like the whole kaboodle, you may have it for $100.00 and I’ll pay the postage.

Email me at brooxes AT comcast DOT net if you’re interested. First come, first served.


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