look at this 360VR

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have a look at this VR Pano,
it is such a high quality, and can be zoomed in, and open in a big window compared to the one we open on quick time.


any idea how it was converted into such a output?


  • Judging from the concentric ripples in the water below the image, I'd guess it was taken from a helicopter and stitched from 6 - 8 horizontal images.

    Yiorgos' panos are as sharp and zoomable as this one, and I've even come close (look at the last one on my panorama page full screen).

    FYI, this one opens in quicktime on my computer.

  • Well, it is standard issue quicktime displayed in a fullscreen browser window, if you go to panoramas.dk you'll find loads of such fullscreen quicktime panos. You can check out the panotools-ng group in yahoo, the panotools wiki, or the panoguide foruns for instructions on how to make them.
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    I read that it was done by RC helicopter with a Canon D300.
  • I agree with Brooks that it is using "horizontal" images (the "standard" way of taking ground panos) rather than the 2-hemisphere Philo-Haefner KAP method.
    The clouds overhead haven't been very well stitched, there are some repeat patterns near the zenith where the cloud has moved between shots.
    This method generates higher resolution than the 2 hemispheres method, however needs a very stable platform and more patience stitching.
  • ah ye it is done with rc heli,
    So is there another way to convert 360 pano into movie beside Pano2QTV?

    brooxs ur pano is good too,

    I have figured how to do 360vr, just want to achivie the similar quality.

    I will post some experiment shots soon,

  • I think the quality is a function of the image you input to Pano2QTV. The larger the panorama (more pixels), the more detail in the resulting panorama.
  • ye I am sure but what about the formate that we view it into,
    how can we get the panorama into the same formate as the link i have provded above
  • Save it as a Quicktime movie and copy the HTML source code from the one you linked to.
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