Light and small rotatation device

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Hi All
I'm planning a super light super small rig now all I need is a device that rotates slowly and constantly round 360 degrees automatically'
Any ideas?
The plan is to use a muvi hd cam on auto shoot mode
All the best


  • The only thing that comes to mind right now is those cheap egg timers available from Ikea.
  • Mmmmmm interesting!
  • Perhaps like this one,


    it's made out of Ikea kitchen timer

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    Here's a time lapse video I made using a GoPro and an Ikea kitchen timer. The camera was shooting every 0.5 seconds.

    I had never thought of using one on a kite rig. Speaking of kites, Ive seen a few kite surfers down here at Glenelg from time to time (though of course that's a different kind of kite!)
  • Doesn't that only pan around once though?
  • Search for "silly putty" on this forum...
  • I remember that simon!
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    If smooth and continuous rotation is what you are looking for, then probably this doesn't work for you, but very interesting rotating device still:
  • What about a KAPshop Small1with a smart-phone holder?


  • That's perfect peter he ever it's for a muvi hd10 camera so what version will be best to adapt? I want to use the camera not only up and down screw at bottom but also sideways
  • I think the 3D printed smart phone support will do the job.
  • Also see discussion 4574, Need a constant rotation gizmo
    I like the Intermatic ROTARY (mechanical) Wall-Mount Timer Switchclock work bathroom fan or light timer with the tick-tock clock inside. It looks big when you buy it, but the actual mechanism that I take out of the inside is only 2 ounces and has a very strong frame. It can be bought in 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes per revolution. And if you bend or cut off the stopping tab, it will go around more than once.

    clock rotates camera 02

    If questions come up about my work, I will try to post them on discussion 4574.
  • I made a second clock type rotation device, this time using the Intermatic 15 minute wall timer. This is the mechanical electrical timer for running bathroom fans or lights. This years model is easier to work wth than what I used 6 years ago. It was easy to get the clock out of the enclosure. And even better, once the electrical switch is separated from the clock, the shaft is free to rotate 4 times before the spring winds down.
    It is 15 minutes for three quarters of a turn as sold, but once the clock is separated from the electrical switch, the clocks speed is one complete turn in 20 minutes. It has 4 teeth on the escapement wheel. I cut off two teeth and got one turn in 10 minutes. Then I cut off another tooth, so there's only one tooth remaining, and got 5 minutes for one complete turn. It is a tick-tock clock, and the shaft moves visibly with each tick, it's about one fifth as fast as a second hand on a clock. I haven't seen problems with blurring from rotation at this almost jerky tick tock motion.
    And this thing can make 4 turns on one winding.
    The clock mechanism weighs just over an ounce. By the time I add a wire frame for the picavet, it adds up to 2 ounces.
    See my web page with pictures,
  • Good idea. Much lighter than the gears, servo and batteries that I'm using.
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