Ricoh Theta m15

So, I got mine today, thanks to @smac and @Sue who got me introduced with this piece of technology... :)

I've just managed to play with it inside the house, but it sure is a cool little gadget! I started this thread already, even while I don't have any image samples or proof to show how it mixes with KAP. But here are some very early observations and speculations:

For KAP:

+ very light weight, I would imagine a pendulum suspension would be easily 200g or less
+ automatic 360 x 160 degree view stitching
+ the app (for which I don't have a phone yet) seems to have some ISO and shutter priority modes plus interval shooting
+ build quality is good and rigid

- image quality isn't too fabulous, especially with higher ISOs. ISO 100 & 200 seem to be quite usable though, and I would assume in bright daylight that wouldn't be an issue. EXIF says aperture is fixed f/2.1.
- for KAV, the video is only 15fps and both lenses' image are stored on a single HDTV frame as a fisheyed ball image ('raw'), so the resulting (offline) stitched video will have quite poor angular resolution

Let's see when I get my panorama viewer plugins in place, I can post links to sample images. And of course when I get airborne with that thing later in the spring. :)


  • Looks very interesting.

    - How do you trigger the shutter while on the kite line? App on camera? App on phone?

  • There's this phone app for advanced triggering. It's WiFi, but for greater distances, the app supports timelapse, and I HOPE the timelapse function is on the camera side, not only in the app. :D
  • Couple new observations:

    + Happy to notice that while shooting with the device upside down (as it would be hanging from a KAP rig), it detects it and the panorama is in correct orientation. Actually the image in the JPEG file is still upside down, but contains level metadata, which the viewer program can correct.
    + On a cloudy winter day, I got 1/2000 exposure with ISO 100, so it probably is easy to achieve low ISO and high shutter speed while flying it.

    - With ISO 100, still a bit mushy details and resolution.
  • Alright @Sue and @smac and others too, here's a realworld (KAP) example!

    I put my new logo patch on zenith (as opposed to normal nadir patch in 360x180 views taken with stands) so that the rig wouldn't be visible. Also the kite was covered by it. I was using my big FLED, and the ride was flimsy and bumpy, but managed to capture some shots. Fortunately the camera took most of the pics around 1/3200 exposure time, so that the shaking wasn't a problem. Original image processed with RawTherapee (no, just JPEG out of the camera) and GIMP. It's fun to zoom out so much that you can see the "small planet" view. :D I have to put this on my website as well, unfortunately the HTML5 viewer I'm using is not as nice as the Ricoh's.
  • SueSue
    edited February 2015
    That's a great photo Henrico. (I could even see it on my iPad.) It looks like a good place to fly a kite. Nice to see you as well!
    The Ricoh theta m15 looks like a fun addition to your camera bag.

    Fly High

  • While the resolutions isn't superb, it certainly makes is easier to represent the surroundings of a place. That's my favourite location here, to relax and test new kite stuff. :)
  • GOOD, nice to see and quite suitable for sharing the landscape all around (beautiful place and quite different from what I can see all around)

    for sure it is small and little weight so easy to ADD to a KAP session, the RICOH THETA is a serious product but in the past I have tried also other TOYS such as:
    Panosphere 360 Spy Cam,.... something more than 180 ° in few grams
    DV 80 (mini Cam),.... can be added to whatever kite / KAP rig,...

    I fully agree with Sue about adding FUN
    SMAC from Italy
  • Here's a sample from a bit higher, btw. Finally got my rig to include the phone which will trigger intervals, since the wifi range is limited. :)
  • WOW, very nice and a good level of details
    well your country is really special,.. instead of the sun in the sky you have a strange symbol, but OK OK

    and after the THETA,... to complete the alphabet an OMEGA watch ?

    SMAC from Italy
  • It's good enough, I'd like to get more resolution, but ok as it is. :)

    Haven't seen the sun this summer too much, so decided to draw one of my own... ;)
  • SueSue
    edited July 2015
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