Hitec HSR-1425CR Continuous Rotation Servo

Having previously converted standard servos to 360 operation I found that Hitec make thisone principally for robotics use. I've purchased one for use in a new pendulum RC rig I'm making. It came from RobotShop.com/UK and cost £16-24 inc vat and carriage. I haven't seen this mentioned before and it is an easy and reliable way of getting a 360 servo if you don't fancy modifying a standard servo. RobotShop appear to be a American company, but the servo was posted from Paris and arrived in 4 days. Mike


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    Hello Mike-

    The challenge of modifying a servo is behind me - it's too easy to buy one off the shelf,
    as you've done. Another great source, at least here in the states is Parrallax. They sell a
    modified Futaba servo that allows continuous rotation. You can buy direct, or from Brooxes
    ( which won't help you, come to think of it...) ; I don't know if Peter at KAP Shop sells them...
    They end up costing me about 17 bucks shipped, as I recall.

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    ... and there is the tiny Feetech FS90R...

  • Yes, KAPshop sells 360 servos in variaous dimentions; micro, mini and standard. The standard one SM-S4306R is the equivalent of the Parallax. There is also one with metal gears SM-S4315R for "heavy gear".
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