WWKW 2015 Book is On!

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World Wide KAP Week (WWKW) 2015 is now underway....and after a bit of deliberation and a review of my work calendar for 2015 I am volunteering to help pull together the book for this years event.....if there is enough interest within the KAP community.

To pull this fun work effort off I will need help from my fellow KAPers!

A minimum of 20 KAPers need to sign up to make this book project a go and due to costs...I propose to limit the entries to the first 30 KAPers who sign up. Submissions beyond 30 would be included in a general collage to be included in the book.

A brief summary of the process is given below for new and experienced KAPers.

Goal: Publish a simple coffee table book made up of images submitted by individual KAPers that were taken during the WWKW event. The dates for 2015 run from May 22 to May 31, 2015. The book will be available in print and on-line. An on-line book printing service (like Blurb) will be used to publish the book.

- Each participating KAPer gets to fill two facing pages in the book with both pictures and supporting text

- There is no cost to submit or participate in the in the book. Each person would pay for their own books - as many as they wish and in the format that they prefer (print, on-line or both). There is no requirement to purchase a book. KAPers can participate in the WWKW event and not participate in the book project (your choice). KAPers are encouraged to participate in the WWKW and post images to the flickr group as in past years.

- Timing:
- KAPers post note on this thread that they will participate in the WWKW book - Now open (1st 30 are in)
- Submissions will open starting June 1, 2015.
- Submissions will close by June 30, 2015.
- Target publication 4Q 2015

- KAPers place a note on this thread that they are interested in participating in the WWKW book. (need a minimum of 20)
- KAPers send a private note with their e-mail address (starting June 1)
- I will send a link to a shared Google Drive for uploading images and text to be included in the book. (starting June 1)
- Submission requirements include: high resolution images, text, geo tag on each image, brief bio on each KAPer including full name, country and city, preferred layout for the two facing pages (recommend a MS Word or PDF mock up of the two pages).
- Editor (with help from others) puts together the final format for publication.
- Editor places a note here for how to access and place a book order with the online publisher (like Blurb).

All of the requirements listed above are draft to get us started and will be modified as needed.

This is an open collaboration and I encourage individuals new to KAP as well as seasoned experts to join in the fun.

This is a volunteer effort for enjoyment. As the editor - I will receive no financial reward....just a fun time interacting with fellow KAPers.

I have added a couple of images from past WWKW books below to give you a taste. I also recommend reading this long thread for background on past efforts.

So.....are you in for the WWKW book project? If yes, please post a note here....we have 29 spaces left!



WWKW Books



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    I'm in!! Very exciting!! Starting tomorrow with some coastal pics! It's a very exciting prospect to be there with you guys in book form! - especially as I missed the KAP events in France this year! - I am actually quite nervous!
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    ok I'll give it a shot. I hate the idea of having to fly at a specific time... I never know when place, time and kite will coincide but I'm happy to submit if I get some decent results this week, if not then pass the space on to the next lucky flier.

    Here is some mud I shot last week, just in case I don't get to fly this week:


    I'd like to think captions should be submitted ...I got a copy of 'Over India ' for my birthday and I'm impressed by the captioning Nicholas frames his work with: we need more of that kind of thoughtful context!

  • Count me in.

    Yvon Haché
    Dieppe, NB
  • Thank you for taking on the task Jim.

    Count me in.

    Ron Marcisak
    Long Island, NY
  • Please add me to the list.

    Orono, MN
  • Thanks for taking this on Jim.
    I'd like to submit my photos for the book please.
    Enjoy yourselves everyone.

    Fly High

  • Jim, i will help on the book in any case.
    I will submit if i have anything worth it.
  • Okidoki, I'll do my best!

    Thanks Jim, for making a book!

  • Sure, count me in.
  • In past years I have celebrated the week vicariously, but I have some time and ideas for good shots.

    Count me in.
  • Jim, you're a star for volunteering. Please count me in.

    One big fail today at The Cobb, Lyme Regis. But a big win followed later with a spot I found that didn't exist on my satnav!

  • Hi Jim,
    I havent had much luck this year with KAP but I'm willing to give this a good try.

  • Hi Jim,

    Count me in as well. I hope to squeeze in at least 1 session this week. With a bit of luck I manage to do a nice location tomorrow, wind permitting.

    Thanks for taking the initiative!

  • Put me down on the list! I know of a few places with snow still here in upper Michigan, maybe I'll try to sneak some in there. Thanks for putting this together!

  • I'm in. Thanks for taking up the gauntlet.

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    If conditions permit I'll definitely submit. Already checked gear to go.

    Good on you Jim for taking it on!



    If there's anyone out there who could get over to Liverpool tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) then there's what I consider a fantastic KAP moment to be had. Cunard are celebrating their 175th anniversary. All 3 " Queen Liners" will be on the Mersey. Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. Here is the itinerary for the Monday.
    10:45 - Queen Mary 2 leaves the berth to greet her two sisters at the mouth of the Mersey (the area between Crosby Beach and New Brighton)
    12:00–14:00 - Three Queens meet and sail south in formation towards the Three Graces on Pier Head, and then turn through 180 degrees to face north. Further manoeuvres may be possible depending on weather conditions on the day.
    14:00–14:15 - Queen Mary 2 leaves the city. Queen Elizabeth berths at the Cruise Liner Terminal and Queen Victoria anchors in the middle of the Mersey
    22:00–22:30 - Amazing Graces’ digital / light projection show on the Three Graces
    22:30 - Firework display. Following the display, Queen Elizabeth leaves the city and Queen Victoria berths at the Cruise Liner Terminal

    Here is the link to the Cunard site http://www.cunard.co.uk/cruise-types/anniversary-cruises-2015/liverpool/

    Sadly I'm on call so can't make it over there. The best advantage point to view the whole show when the "Queens" actually meet would be from Perch Rock Fort at New Brighton. I've kapped there before. Be warned however if the weather's fine then there will be thousands of people there. I did the leaving of QE2 from Liverpool. To give a an idea of the view point I'm talking of see my web page.
    http://www.anaerialview.com/perchrockfort.html ( Auto slide only be patient) This will give you an idea of how much room you will have to KAP as Low Water is at 1130am local, so there should be room on the beach. Get there EARLY and follow tide out is my advice! Don't even think of trying to use Mersey Ferries they were booked out full weeks ago.

    Last but final advice ..................... there are going to be helicopters.............beware. View live as it happens http://live.cunard.com/
  • Ok count me in.
    Uninspiring weather at the moment but I'll give it a go.
  • Jim-
    I second the thanks to you from all the posts above. Also, weather permitting, I am in.
  • I'd love to contribute! I'm in Wildwood for the kite festival, so great timing!
  • Count me in, Jim.

  • All, thanks for the quick reply.

    We have 20 KAPers signed up. The book project is a go.

    Only 10 more slots left till we hit the 30 cut off for the 2 facing pages.

    Spread the word to other KAP forums!

    If you get skunked over the defined WWKW time period due to bad weather / equipment failures....just put a short story together for the failure and included your best shots from the month of May 2015. Your choice.

    Goal: have fun and fly kites!

  • I'm away and busy until Thursday but hope to get out next weekend - put me down pl;ease Jim.

  • Thanks Jim for taking The lead.Count me in.
  • You can count me in although I'm having problems with a general lack of reasonable KAPable winds so far.
  • Save a slot for me.

    I'm heading out Wednesday. If I get skunked, I'll let you know so you can give the slot to someone else.

    El Kite Pics
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    I'm definitely interested I hope I make the cut. Jim if you need help let me know I'll do what I can and thanks for taking the lead in the book making.
  • Hy Jim, congratulation for this new aventure.
    If there is a little place for my pictures, I'll try to find some good subject this WE to continue in the WWKW story.
  • I'm interested.

    FYI, if you're going to use Blurb to print the books, I recommend using BookSmart to prepare do the layout, and I can typically provide discount coupons when ordering books through Blurb.
  • Jim,
    Thank you for the proposition, I am in.
  • I have been asked by Laurence Ott - LoKAP - to add her name to the KAPers for the book. She is waiting for her account on this forum to be authorised.

    @ mpot - that's a generous offer of discount coupons for Blurb. Thanks.

    Fly High


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