Nice, Floppy Cables

I've been working on a couple of KAP projects recently. One is a complete rebuild of my KAP rig, having external wires only between the camera and the tilt tray. All other wires would be run internally, passing through hollow axles when necessary. To do this I need to find some really floppy shielded cable.

Another KAP (or KA) project led me toward a good candidate: Mogami makes high-end cable for the audio industry. I ordered some of their miniature balanced lavalier microphone cable, and it arrived today. It's very pliable, doesn't seem to take a set, and will happily coil to 2" diameter without wanting to unwind.

The cable I got, W3031, has two conductors and a shield, and is 0.104" in diameter. The conductors are 26ga stranded, so they're pretty tiny. I used six feet of it to set up a microphone cable, tested it in a noisy environment, and didn't experience any of the EM/RF pickup I was getting with the unshielded cable it replaced. I think it would work great to carry video signals from camera to transmitter on a KAP rig without picking up servo hum in the video image.

I ordered mine from Redco Audio. They're fine working in small quantities (I ordered 30'), and they have reasonable shipping inside the US. I don't know who distributes this stuff in Europe or Asia.

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