Next Big Thing - 360 VR Cameras and VR headset using smart phones- Use for KAP and KAV?

Camera technology continues to race ahead....and just maybe....KAP and Kite Aerial Video (KAV) can take advantage of this technology.

The concept of 360 degree cameras using multiple lens has been around for some time....and the creative juices are flowing.

The blending of new technologies like light weight dual 190 degree lens combined with artificially intelligent auto-stitching software with publication on YouTube and displayed via advanced cardboard VR headset using smart phones....throw in a kite....and you may actually have something interesting!

One example is the LUNA 360º CAMERA. The specs are not final but on the surface it looks interesting....light weight 170g, image quality - is only so so at 2K. I could see hanging one of these up close under a kite. I thinking of all those shots with a hawk near the kite but the KAP rig pointing the other way or looking down...

There are a bunch new tech in this area techno space. The Samsung VR gear using the smart phones with a carboard VR headset are interesting.

The Youtube technology is also interesting where you can on the fly point with a computer and a mouse (so old school), touch with a finger on a touch screen or look with a VR head set and smart phone and see 360 degrees in any direction.....high definition video .... and audio!

Take a look at this 360 VR clip. Make certain to move the your point of view as you watch the video. Remember - you control the direction you are viewing. Basically it is a 360 degree video. The video can be viewed on most smart phones (iOS, Android) and computers with Chrome browsers.....very interesting indeed.

The VR crowd kicks it up a level with bird simulators that let you fly like a bird. See this example from above New York City. from Birdly.

One group is combining the bird simulator (where you are on a tilt table and your arms are the wings) with audio and you fly over an smell the salt you fly of the city dump....well you get the idea ;-)

Have some fun....dream a how can I strap this stuff to my kites....

Enjoy the surfing!



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