SDM CanonAssistant 2.0 released

At long last 'SDM CanonAssistant 2.0' is released.
It aims to make usage easier and more friendly.

Before describing the features, I would like to thank Dave Mitchell for his tireless efforts in support of SDM (despite having far more interesting things to keep him occupied).
Thanks also to Michel DeHaye for his (apparently endless) feature-suggestions and for becoming the SDM uBasic expert whether he admits it or not.
Thanks to 'deltakap' who has contributed a very useful viewer for the SDM XML files and associated images.
Of course, SDM is only possible because of the existence of CHDK and MagicLantern and all those who have contributed to them.
In more-recent years, the friendly and expert advice of leading CHDK developers reyalp,philmoz and srsa_4c has been invaluable.

For those familiar with CHDK or previous versions of SDM, there is no need to remember the ALT mode button for a particular camera, it is always MENU.

There are three 'levels' of interaction with SDM, the first being EasyModes with its 24 options.
In EasyModes you do not set anything, just press the button and the camera will be put into the correct shooting mode (single shot or continuous)and all relevant menu options preset.
Just press-and-go, my favourite is HDR_EZ_5 for bracketing.

The next level is 'System Scripts' where each script has up to 25 predefined parameter-sets with clear indication of what they do and which few of the parameters you may wish to adjust.
For example, options K_1 to K_19 are for KAP in single shot,continuous,bracketing,burst,usb remote,shutdown modes,etc.
The options for motion-detection clearly display which of the nine cells is active, you do not have to work-out how to set the sometimes confusing parameters.

The third level is User Scripts, which nevertheless includes some pre-written scripts for 2D and 3D time-lapse,'streak' and 'slit' cameras,focus stacks,macro focus stacks,
focus stacks with HDR at each focus position,KAP,UAV and high-altitude balloon.
(The last one was used on a flight that unfortunately landed in Area 51, they confiscated all the movies and most of the high altitude images).

The KAP and UAV scripts are functionally very similar to the CHDK script, using the same exposure-settings method (with acknowledgements), but with no Pixhawk support.
It does support the precision timer and logging of precise shutter opening time.

For the 'highest level' of user who writes their own scripts that is made easier (in my opinion) by the power packed into each command that also tries to have a friendly name.

For example:-

'shoot_fast_at 1/2000' does what it says .... making optimum use of iso,nd filter and aperture.
You can provide other parameters for exposure compensation,preferred and maximum aperures, bracketing value and maximum iso.

User manuals in English and German, Script documentation and details of a special offer for 'HeliconFocus' software are provided with the download.

Of course, you do not need a Canon 'hack' for KAP or any other photography but you may,nevertheless, find the movie of interest ... it includes some brief shots of a forum member 'doing his stuff' :-



  • Hi all,
    if I may comment a bit, I would like first to thank David for many improvements in this version that facilitates kaper life, avoiding some complex script writing for poor script writers as I am (eg see the "interval" command ;-). furthermore I would like to mention that for all those who are using a video downlink, SDM allows a very precise display for monitoring info to the kaper: you can easily customize size and color display to facilitate warning/messages/confirmation. that is very useful !
    Thanks again David
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