Fei Yutech WG gimbal and picavet

I've tried a few times to get video from the gopro suspended under a picavet mount with limited success. I am usually lucky to get 20 seconds of footage from half an hour of video such are the gusty winds at home. I recently bought the Fei Yutech wearable gimbal with the thought of trying it underneath the picavet mount. I gave it a whirl the other day and the results were excellent - nice stable footage. Next time I'm taking photos, I'll use it too as it will save throwing out lots and lots of crooked shots. Here's a video I put together when I first tried it - it gives a little look at the gimbal and the picavet mount too. Cost for the gimbal was a little over $400 AU.



  • Great video and commentary John
    I bought a cheap gimbal and had the same stable images on video. I have it set on pan and tilt stabilisation but not heading so that as the kite moves sideways so does the scenery.
    At the moment I use it on a Pendulum made from a folding umberella. I intend to add a servo so that I take all round videos. I'm not sure quite how to do that yet.

    Have you seen Bill Blake's work on adapting a gimbal like mine to use with his larger Ricoh GR? Now that will be useful for KAP with normal cameras.

    Have fun and Fly High

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    Nice results, I like the moving cloud shadows and tubine blades. Impressive stabilisation. Nice quick set up too.
  • Thanks guys. I haven't seen Bill's work - I'll look into it. A cheap way to take all 'round videos could be the GoPole Scenelapse?? which is basically a 1 hour rotating timer. I have one but haven't tried it yet - I figure I can bolt it to the picavet and then put the gimbal on it so the whole thing will swing a full circle in an hour. I believe there are some even cheaper kitchen timers that can be utilized too.
  • SueSue
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    That would be a long time to stand with a kite in s field. I was thinking if a minute or two for the rotation which can be done with a continuously rotating servo and appropriate battery for the speed of rotation maybe with a rheostat.

    Fly High

  • I'm guessing you have the 3 axis version, I see there is a single axis and a 2 axis model at a lower price. I am thinking a double axis version would be enough for our purposes, what is your take on this?

  • John did you see my discussion "Gimbals are here and will transition your KAP endeavors to useable KAV" based on the WG gimbal. I connected the gimbal to my Brooxes rig and it has not disappointed yet. I love your video very informative and tutorial. Here are two links of videos I created from using this setup https://vimeo.com/142591449 and https://vimeo.com/142741058
    In my discussion people talked about alternative systems which was informative and eye opening check it out when you can.
  • Thanks guys,

    Henry, not sure about the 2 axis gimbal. I think tilt and roll definitely need to be stabilized - at least on my rig. I think I'd get away with not having rotation/pan stabilized, particularly with the 'wind vane' that I've stuck to the picavet as this is pretty effective at keeping the picavet from rotating around too much. But not having tried a 2 axis stabilizer I'm really just guessing.

    Nriverajr, nice lighthouse videos! I like the cody box kite too (I particularly like cody's - I recently found some stunning cody variants and put a thread up on ExtremeKites here: extremekites.com.au/topic/16081-awesome-cody-variants/#comment-147940 I have a small Spirit of Air Cody which pulls quite nicely for a small and cheap kite. A long fuzzy tail has calmed it's looping tendencies considerably. I will check out your gimbal thread thanks.
  • Love the KAV John.

    Well done.

    Now if I can just figure how to attach to my auto KAP rig....

  • John,

    Thanks for the input on 2 vs 3 axis gimbals, just trying to save a buck. I would also like trying to fit a different camera (less fisheye). It would nice to try stabilizing some video on walks trough the woods.

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