Excelvan Action Camera - 12MP @ £25.99!

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Not another action camera I hear you all cry.

I saw an Excelvan action camera advertised in several places for under £30 and claiming to have a 12MP Sony IMX 117 sensor. With some incredulity, I ordered one as the price was the same as I have paid for the 2MP cameras that I have been handing out to young kids in SNAPS. It even has a bigger screen than the 2MP camera, plus other features like stabilisation.

Well, I do not know about the Sony bit, but the resolution is up there with the best Firefly 6C sample. I have only had the camera for an hour, so I have to look more closely to see if there any problems with this batch. I have also ordered another from a different supplier. Both were supplied in the UK.

With this action camera, and others, it is important to set the image quality to the intrinsic pixel count of the sensor and the sharpness to the minimum value. If you do not, the resolution can be lost in artefacts.
WORD OF WARNING, there is more than one Excelvan out there and they have different resolution sensors despite the same model name. The one I have is the square format one:
The box it comes in, and instructions, are generic without details of the sensor.

I will post my normal test images when I have results from the second camera and I am confident about the reliability. I have no interest in the video quality.


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    The second camera has arrived from a different seller and at a price of £25.99 ;oO

    Image plus two crops, taken on the usual dull overcast day for consistenceny with other postings:




    Images unprocessed, other than by Facebook, with image quality in-camera set to 'soft'.
    There is no obvious difference in still quality between the two cameras.
  • Here's an example of what John is referring to regarding artifacts. Top crop is a Firefly 6C set to High sharpness, bottom is set to Low.
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    I ordered 11 more Excelvans at a discount and they arrived today.
    For what time remains of Phase One of SNAPS, in its now limited form, these will be the starter kit cameras.
    As a precursor to flying, seven of the older 2MP action cameras went out this week to a group for video fun attached to wheelchairs.
    We have experience of kits going to autistic groups but this one is the first with general disabilities.
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