WWKW 2017 (26 May - 12 June 2017)

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Hi Everyone!

Can we have a World Wide KAP week this year?

At lease we can have a change to meet again at the Flickr WWKW page in this year. and say hello to new friends. :-)

Greetings from Singapore

Erich Chew



  • Hey Erich.

    Why not propose a set of dates?! If you take the lead I bet others will follow.....

    Greetings from Guernsey : -)
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    Hi Everyone!

    Lets us continue to have a WWKW this year, 2017.

    I wish to propose the date start on 26 May and end on 12th June, across 3 weekends, because I saw many KAPers unable to have a successful KAP session due to works, no wind and other reason, this is why I wish to propose to have 1 more weekend for the WWKW2017.

    Please voice up if you have any suggestion.

    Greetings from Singapore

    Erich Chew
  • I second the motion.

    26 May - 5 June works for me.
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    I counted wrongly, across 3 weekends..... the end date should be 12th June!

    26 May - 12 June

    Erich Chew
  • Great idea. I'll join you.

    Dave Wheeler
  • So the World Wide KAP Week becomes the World Wide KAP Window?

    I need to get my KAP head back in play.

    Greetings from Herm.
  • great idea
    i better get out there and join the movement
  • Erich,

    Thanks four keeping the tradition going.

    The dates look great.

    Count me in.

  • Great, we will join you. Will be in Iceland and Feroe over that period.
  • SueSue
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    Yess! I'll be with LoKAP (Laurence) for some of that time. We're going to sail in the semaine de Golfe du Morbihan in Brittany. It's a very big traditional sailing boat rally all the first WWKW week :-)
    Won't fly high because of helicopters :-(

    Fly High


  • Thanks everyone for your support!! :-)

    Hi Sue,

    Looking forward for your new KAPtures in in the semaine de Golfe du Morbihan in Brittany. :-)

    Can help to check with Ramon, is the Flickr Group open during that period for posting?

    And, is there another alternative photo uploading site for WWKW e.g. Ipernity?
    I understand that not all of us is using Flickr to upload their photos.


    Erich chew
  • An alternative uploading site.....

    What about a Google+ group? It is probably the biggest platform on which to share and promote KAP under the WWKW event.
  • Hello my KAPer friends!
    I'm really happy for that tradition too. This year we'll have our biggest kite festival in Hungary https://www.facebook.com/pakozdisarkanyeregetok/ so it is a perfect date for us!

    Smooth winds for you!
  • Over 3 weekends suits me better from the old weather window!! I'm in. Google+ is a good idea too.

    Cheers, Peter.
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm totally new to google+.

    I have try created a "WWKW 2017" Communities using my own google+ account for testing purposes.

    Please let me know how i can improve it, or anyone who familiar with google+ is willing to help in host & mange the Group.


  • I'm new too Eric, but it let me join. Good job!
  • Wow I'm in too Eric. As Dave says, Good job. Like the categories.
  • Looking good!
  • Hi Erich, all,

    Good idea to extend the time frame for the 2017 edition. I also signed up to your Google+ community.

    For the flickr WWKW pool I am looking for at least one moderator, just in case. So... any volunteers, please?


  • Hey Ramon. I'll be around for the duration so happy to be a mod if it helps.
  • Ramon, I can also help with the flickr WWkW group if needed.

    Let the fun begin! Hope to do some Kayak KAPing this coming Friday.


  • Let the WWKW fun begin!

    Get those kites up in the air....with cameras!

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    I‘m ready! but waiting for rain to stop! :-)

    Here are the link for Flickr & Google+ for WWKW2017 upload


    for Google+, you can either upload photo directly or just upload the URL link from your flickr photo.

    Let us have fun!!

    Erich chew
  • I do believe I'm the first to post this year!
  • That was quick, Dave - but you clearly didn't have to go far from home. Totnes is growing, it seems.
  • Indeed Totnes is growing, Jim, and not in a good way. A small town like Totnes, with a population of 8000 or so, is having to have to cope with a 15-20% increase in population without infrastructure improvements (schools, roads etc). The development in the foreground of my photos (laughingly called "Camomile Lawn" after the novel by local author Mary Wesley) was turned down by the local authority (and the local population) but the developers appealed and the cost of fighting the appeal and losing was too risky for the authority so they backed off. You can see the site clearly at the lower centre of the Google Maps satellite view.

    The Dukes of Somerset (direct descendants of the older brother of Henry VIII's 3rd wife Jane Seymour) own much of the eastern side of the Dart and have been selling it off over the years. The current Duke has been particularly greedy (he's been called the Duke of Hazard in the local press).
  • The weather here has been grey and cool but turned sunny and breezy today. I tried to take advantage on my lunch hour but only managed to give the camera a wild ride as my Levitation Delta Light reminded me how exciting turbulent winds can be. (Overflying, slack line, spontaneous dives.)

    Once home for the evening I spent some time testing some new electronics. I have a couple Sparkfun "ESP32 Things". These have fairly capable CPUs with built-in WiFi. I'd like to build a new transmitter and receiver pair based on them. Tonight's exercise was to see if the necessary range. One was able to connect to my home WiFi from 500ft away! That's promising. I'll have to write a little more software and do some more tests to see how the range is with two of the modules talking to each other.
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    Got 5 KAP sessions in so far.

    Combined a bit of Kayaking, sailing and KAPing above Philadelphia and the Delaware River.....yes the kite took a swim...as a squall line moved in.

    Also experimented with a bit of Kite Aerial Video (KAV) with my Go Pro Hero5 above the Wind Watcher proving grounds. Actually had three cameras mounted on the Auto KAP rig, Sony A6000, Hero3+ and the Hero5. The first 2 cameras were shooting stills and the Hero5 was shooting 4K video.

    See a few shots and a KAV shot below.


    Philly Water Dance

    Philly Water Dance

    Philly Water Dance

  • Some lovely shots there. Handling the kayak, the kite, and the rigs, requires great skill, especially in changeable conditions. I hope there was no damage in the dunking you mentioned.
    I often wonder what percentage your KAP output is of the total world output every year, and I think the answer would be "pretty high!" In terms of different locations around the world, I don't think it would have any equals. And of course, the quality is always great.
  • image

    Grrrrrrhhh.................... every picture tells a story!! Times running out.
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