Photo Submissions for World Wide KAP Week May26-June 12 2017 Book

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I will be creating and designing a book for World Wide KAP Week May 26 - June 12, 2017 thru
If you KAPed on the above dates I would like you to submit 1 to 4 of your best images to

The book will present KAPers in alphabetical order by last name.
Each KAPer will be presented on a two page spread.
We will have a book cover competition to decide the covers of the book (coming soon).

Submission deadline is December, 15 2017

Image requirements:
File Type= JPG, JPEG
Color Space= RGB, sRGB, Greyscale
Image Resolution= 250-300dpi
Max Image Size= 75 megapixels

The below information will be publish on your page
Title of image and/or location
Camera used
Lens used (optional)
shutter speed and f stop (optional)
Kite used
Wind speed

Your Bio (this info will also be publish with your page)
Your Name
Your email
KAP forum name (if you have one)
City & Country
How many years have you KAPed
Tell us your story on why you KAP

Look forward to your submissions and if you have any questions contact me at


  • Count me in !! :-)
  • ErichChew your in, Thanks
  • Count me in Nestor!

  • edited October 2017
    Nestor, thanks so much for doing this.

    I'd like to be in, the shots I took have something of a serendipitous nature but show the value of KAP ( to me at any rate).

    I wrote a bio piece last year so I thought this year I'd try and explain myself:
    As the aerial image becomes ubiquitous the view from the kite is something of a puzzle to many: 'why don't you fly a drone?' is my most asked question now. I find it impossible to explain this, so after going over the legal issues I end up with 'because I want to' which seems a bit selfish or even plain stupid. If I talk of a kite as a celebration of the 'spirit of place' I can see I'm failing to make my point. Let's just say it's because I like to fly a kite. Which is not entirely why I do this but most folk can grasp that.

    I could talk of the mystery of balance, the joy of discovery and the thrill of the challenge but in truth this only part of the story. I know what the world looks like from a distance and I like what I see. I work with the wind, I have learned to be patient, accept failure and success in equal measure. Lofting a camera by kite is a joy to me and I hope something of that wonder is captured in these images..

  • I'm in too, Nestor. The main photo I want to use is big - a 7.4MB image (5184 x 3456 pixels). Is this too big to send you - should I reduce it to 2592 x 1728 before I send it?
  • I can receive up to 15mb through regular internet, so not an issue, thanks
  • Bill I received your submissions thank you
  • Put me name on the list please, for both 2016 and 2017. Thanks.
  • Due to the low turnout so far, I am extending the deadline date to November 14 2017. Hopefully more KAP-ers will take an interest. At the moment only 8 KAPers have committed to the book I know their has to be more than that, please join me and your fellow KAPers in promoting our art.
  • Intresting....where have all the kappers gone? Maybe they are busy flying kites?
  • Count me in, Nestor and I will publish a post on the French Kap forum.
  • edited October 2017
    Thank you Pierre, don't forget there is also a KAPiCA book also
  • Hi
    I've written the words ( probably too many) I've just to get round to selecting the 4 photos before I go on holiday.

    I look forward to more submissions to make our a worthwhile book.

    I'll put your request on the French kite / KAP forum.

    Fly High


  • Thanks Sue
  • I have stuff for both books, Nestor.

    Thanks for taking on this project.
  • Look forward too receiving them, thanks
  • I'm now in Furteventura having a holiday before the kite festival next week.
    I sent off the photos and info before I left.
    I haven't flown anything yet but there's time yet before the festival. There are some unusual lighthouses here and villages with lots of rocky space round them. Just have to remember the kites and KAP when we go sightseeing.

    Fly High

  • Sue, I have both book submissions, thanks
  • Nestor, I will send photos in a few days.....working in are back in the US.....

  • Deadline extended to December 15 2017
  • Thanks for the extension Nestor, photos and words sent in two emails yesterday.
  • Sorry for falling off the face of the earth and not updating what is the status of the book. Unfortunately I was sick with the flu for about 3 weeks and other personal distractions, but feeling better. I’m on an overdue vacation right now and will be attacking this book in March.
  • One more thing I just want to give a big thank you for all who are participating in the book, I hope I do justice for all your outstanding images and writings.
  • Thanks! Nestor :-)
  • @Blakebill91 said:
    As the aerial image becomes ubiquitous the view from the kite is something of a puzzle to many: 'why don't you fly a drone?' is my most asked question now.

    Legal issues aside, keep a small drone close by you. When someone asks you that question, activate the drone and FLY IT RIGHT INTO THEM.

    THAT should answer the question unequivocally....

  • I'm glad you're over the flu and now feel well enough to tackle the big hidden of putting the book together. Thanks from all of us

    Fly High

  • @Allan

    Embrace the functionality! xx
  • @CGKiteman

    Over the weekend I had somebody look up at my kite and say, "It's like nature's first drone."
    Sigh.... wat?

    [ in fetal position rocking in a corner... "it's a kite, not a drone... it's a kite, not a drone... it's a kite, not a drone..." ]
  • @hawkeye

    "These aren't the drones you're looking for...."

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