Blowing away the cobwebs

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Finally getting my act together to do some aerial stuff. This dig at Dale Mine has given me the opportunity. Conditions were not that good but a result nevertheless. Converted a SJCam to NR IR so will be using that too.
Dale Mine Dig Aug 2019 Aerial 360
Xiaomi Mijia 360.



  • Good to see more KAPers joining the 360 party!!
  • Very nice.
  • I did think 360 would have taken off a bit more than it has but when you come to display it especially photos you are restricted to a display screen or VR glasses, the latter in my experience giving the viewer a tendency to feel sick!! Video is more usuable in that you can seamlessly pan within the frame.
    Certainly from my experience in doing limited archaeological work there is still a reluctance to incorporate newer visual technologies in presenting work to the public. This no doubt in part due to the technical level required, something that I accept not all of us have.

  • Your 360 certainly gives a better idea of the area than single photos could. Keep up the good work

    One "Too windy for KAP" day at Hanging Grimston archeolical dig East Yorkshire UK, I did some 360° photos on a pole. The dig areas were a few metres in size and the photos looked good. No photos to put here yet - still on the computer,.

    Fly High

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