Winter flying

I'll admit that I'm reluctant to fly when it's cold and windy. I'm pretty much a fair weather flyer, but only having warm temps, sun (for my cheap camera) and wind restrict when I put my delta up. Today wasn't too bad with ambient being about 45 degrees F. Next time we get snow here in Oregon I should put my boots and parka on and cowboy up.


  • Hi Larry, beautiful picture and a good view on the grid and natural settings. What's the name of the town?
    Cheers, Gerco
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    I took this shot a few blocks from my house in Redmond, Oregon. On the horizon to the north are part of the Ochoco Mountains, where the rock climbing mecca of Smith Rock is located. To the west are the Cascades, which were obscured by clouds yesterday. The curved dark line in the center is Dry Canyon, which bisects the city. It's clearer today, so I'll try again in a few hours.
  • Nice Larry, hope to see some new shots soon!
  • Today was warmer (52 degrees F) but still good wind. This is looking SW from Redmond, OR. Peaks on the horizon are the Three Sisters. You can see how the construction at lower left is taking over my launch sites. The nerve!
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