Rollei panorama head

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I've been using one of these on my last few KAP flights:

(Sorry, couldn't link an English language description - but it's a pretty simple bit of kit)

Discontinued and cheap. I picked one up for 12 Euros. Screwed upside down between Picavet cross and camera holder (it has 1/4" mounts top and bottom) it enables one 360° panorama in various speeds. I've been using 15 minutes - just switch on before sending the rig up

It will only allow one 360 pan before stopping, but a big plus point is the low weight (less than 100g).


  • Interesting piece of kit.

    Operations manual in various languages.

    It has a remote control and phone connectivity. So my first thought is: What is the maximum operating range to trigger a 60sec panorama remotely?

    Google Translated into English:

    With the modern smartphones, you can take interesting 360 ° panorama or time-lapse pictures immediately after unpacking with the already installed photo and video function or numerous special programs from the respective app stores. The special challenge is to keep the smartphone steady and at a height and to rotate it at a steady speed. Alternatively, you can use a self-propelled panorama head to get smooth and blurred panoramas and time-lapse recordings. The new Rollei Smart ePano was specially developed for use with smartphones and action cams:

    Control real 360 ° panoramas or time-lapse remotely via Bluetooth
    Simply connect the Rollei Smart ePano 360 to your smartphone via Bluetooth, start and end the recording with the included remote control. The new Rollei panorama head can be placed securely in the desired location thanks to the stable legs that can be folded out to the side, or mounted on any standard tripod with the integrated 1/4 inch thread. The integrated battery turns the powerful electric motor of the Rollei Smart ePano 360 at 20 dB (A) for 2 to 3 hours with a full charge. The operating time is not only sufficient for many 360 ° panorama pans, each lasting exactly one minute, but also for complex time-lapse projects with 15, 30, 60 and even 90 minutes of recording time.

    Extremely handy and fully action cam compatible
    The very compact dimensions of the Rollei Smart ePano 360 predestine it as a constant companion - even on spontaneous short trips. The smooth-running engine and stable housing carry a wide variety of smartphones or action cams, which can weigh up to half a kilogram, with a weight of just 98 g. Suitable holders for smartphones, a robust Actioncam adapter and of course a USB charging cable are included in the scope of delivery.

    Technical specifications (I've only copied the key ones!)
    With Bluetooth® remote control for iOS 5.0 and Android 2.0 or higher
    Bluetooth® (3.0 / 4.0) wireless connection between smartphone and Smart ePano 360
    Scope of delivery:
    Smart ePano 360, smartphone holder, Actioncam Smart ePano 360, smartphone holder, Actioncam
    Working hours:
    2-3 hours (with fully charged battery)
    Speed ​​panorama:
    1 revolution per minute

    Speed ​​time lapse:
    15/30/60/90 minutes per revolution
    Charging time:
    Approx. 2 hours
    Max load:
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    Bluetooth, so I suspect no great range :(
    I'll be happy to give it a try next time.

    Might be interesting for pole aerial photography though.

    On the SmallRig0:


    Weighs in at just under 95g once the smartphone holder is off. If you were really shaving grams the fold-out 'legs' could go too.
  • So after it turns once it stops? Or does it return then?
    I have seen these before and wondered if they were suitable for KAP, thanks for your information.
  • I bought this Suptig panner for KAP, but use it mostly for time lapse. No wifi, but it's programmable for various speeds and rotation modes. Rechargeable via USB. About $34.
  • @Baltickap: Yes, just the one turn, you choose the speed, set the time and go. 15 minutes is fine for my short flights to date. Hasn't given me any usable panorama material yet, but at least some variety of standpoints.
  • I bought the last one on Amazon UK for £12.56. Came this morning.
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