KAPi ZOOM Event - Time for some Smiles!

Missing KAPiFANØ 2020!

This was the week fellow KAPers were supposed to gather for a fun week flying kites and doing KAP on the beach at KAPiFANØ 2020....

The COVID-19 virus had other ideas...

But the wind still blows.....

Kites still fly....

KAP rigs still take pictures....

To generate a few smiles in these tough COVID-19 times I am proposing the following.

- KAPers everywhere try to take a few KAP shots over the summer (or winter) solstice.
- Flexible on the actual dates but propose June 20 to July 16th, 2020

- Post your best shots to this new flickr group: https://flic.kr/g/3feiFD

- Join an informal KAPi Zoom meeting in mid July 2020 (I will send e-mail invitations to those who send message with with their email address on this KAP forum message tool).

- Purpose of the KAPi Zoom video meeting? Fun meet up, catch up on what is new (or not) with KAP in these COVID-19 times) and general encouragement to fly kites and take pictures!

- Target date for the KAPi Zoom 2020 video meeting is Saturday July 18, 2020 - time to be determined but most likely Night in the EU, Afternoon in the US, Early AM Asia.

Please pass this information to all our fellow KAPers....know it is late notice...but could be fun anyway.

Please respond to this post also if you are interested in the KAPi Zoom KAPing and video meeting to help me gage interest.




  • This is a lovely idea. I would enjoy participating.
  • KAPi Zoom - as tested by Brooks during KAPiFrance 2013?!!

    Good call, Jim. As we'll be able to share screens, maybe participants could do a short slideshow of whatever KAP activity has been achieved?

    I will be on the neighbouring island of Sark on a short break with family and friends - Guernsey and its Bailiwick of Sark, Alderney and Herm are all virus-free and fully open to each other with zero restrictions as of today. Our borders remain strictly monitored though and if you leave you must isolate for 2 weeks upon return or face a crazy fine of something like GBP 10,000.

    I hope everyone is keeping well and social freedom comes soon for you too.
  • Great idea Jim. This is just what I need to get me out there KAping to have something to show. I'll also be able to test my dynamic spreader for my Levitation Light. Ordered from Mike LeDuc back in March but it took nearly 3 months to get here due to Covid-19!
  • Been out of touch for a while but still KAPing.

  • I also need to test the Dynamic spreader from Miker. I would love to participate in KAPiZoom.
    Jim, any plans to fly in the next few days in and around Philly? Would love to join you and get some advice regarding my new rig.

  • I've left you a message Jim.
    I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom

    Fly High

  • Hello,

    OK OK OK nice to have update and news

    KAPiZOOM would be fine

    during lockdown I have sewn some new kites; KAP activity is restarting in this period....

    SMAC from Italy
  • Looks like good interest in the proposed KAPi Zoom 2020 event in mid July.

    I will be sending out a link to the zoom meeting about 1 week prior to the July 18th, 2020 date.

    I will need everyone's email address to receive the invite.

    Please post message to me on this forum (just click on my photo icon and then click the message button.

    Keep flying!

  • edited July 2020

    Zoom invites will be sent out via email shortly.

    See details below:
    Purpose: Connect Kite Aerial Photographers (KAPers) around the world
    Date: Saturday – 18 July 2020
    Time: 2 PM – 3:30 PM US EDT
    Invited: All KAPers
    Process: Zoom meeting: (password required)

    - Submit your email to Jim Powers (WW)) at KAPiZoom2020@gmail.com to receive the Zoom meeting invite. Please include your full name and location. I will reply with the Zoom invite.

    - Introductions
    - Share your KAP story or projects you are working on!
    - We will be sharing screens, photos and video
    - Share KAPi Zoom 2020 flickr gallery (your KAP shots): https://flic.kr/g/3feiFD
    - Ideas for 2021
    - Go Fly Kites!

    Hope to see you on Saturday 18 July 2020


    KAPi Zoom 2020 Intro

  • Hello friends. I've been neglecting my KAP interest for so long I missed this announcement but I got an email invite from Jim this morning. Thanks for remembering me, Jim! I'm planning to join the call and I'm very much looking forward to seeing you all again.

  • Hi all. I'm hoping to be able to join in on Saturday. I will be away for the weekend on a campsite in my motorhome. I hope there's a phone signal so I can link to the laptop.

    Fly High

  • All,

    The KAPiZoom2020 invites have been sent to all who have requested the information.

    - Send note to KAPiZoom2020@gmail.com if you did not receive the invitation.
    - Please send an note to KAPiZoom2020@gmail.com if you intend to present with
    - Subject
    -Estimated duration.
    Should be a fun event.

    See everyone on Zoom on Saturday July 18, 2020 2 PM US EST.

  • Thanks for the KAPiZoom meeting July 2020 Jim. It was good to see you all tonight. Thanks to the people who gave presentations with all the research and preparation you must have done.
    I hope to see you again at a KAP???

    Fly High

  • Thanks Jim, great meeting, fun to see everyone tonight/morning
    here is a group photo of the participants :
  • Dear friends!
    KAPiZoom was a new experience for me - as you might have noticed.
    It was pretty good to see old friends and meet new ones on the screen.
    The remembrance of Simon Harbord was moving for me and shows the deep connection which can develop between KAP-friends.
    Without the experiences of Pierre Lesage with the R8-Delta of Dan Leigh and without the ingenious "Dynamic Spreader = DS" of Mike LeDuc many of my KAPs would never have come into existence, because of the R8-Delta and the "DS" there are very advantageous conditions, which I would not like to miss.
    KAPiZoom/2020/01 was a wonderful initiative.
    Many thanks to Jim and everybody else!

    P.S.: Sunset at midsummer on Fanø-Island - Denmark at the sea mark Æ Kåver from 1624.
  • Thanks Wind Watcher for all the organization of KAPiZoom,

    thanks to all; a special thanks to James Gentles for Simon Harbord important remember

    all contributions have shown something helpful for some personal knowledge and thinking to some different KAP approach

    wish you all the best possible for your personal and family life

    SMAC from Italy
  • Wow !

    Kicking myself for missing a great party ! My kids and grand-kids have been after me to go "Zoom". I guess it's well
    past time for me to learn.
    Feel as though I missed a good gathering of friends... no more excuses...
    Thanks on behalf of the KAP community for the efforts you folks put toward making it happen. Hats off to Jim Powers
    for being a leader.

    Is there an archive or video of the meet ?
    Any body have any news of Brooks ?

    All the best,
    " Zoomed-Out "
  • I too was sorry to have missed the Zoom Meet. I did try towards the end but I'm obviously not doing something right or was perhaps too late.
    Anyway I'm glad it was a good session by all accounts.

    Cheers, Peter.
  • My thanks to Jim for organising it too - it made up for not going to Fanø. It also encouraged me to get some KAPing done - here's a photo I took today:

    Longstem Drive Dartington 2
  • Jim, thanks for organizing the Zoom call and to everyone else, thanks for participating. It was wonderful to see everyone and my motivation to KAP feels very much restored. It's a good thing, too, as my KAP control system suffered a breakdown a while back and I'll need to do a lot of rework on that before I have anything ready to fly.

    Dave Wheeler
  • The KAPi Zoom kicked me into a bit of action the last few days. First 3 edited results up on Flickr.
  • Thanks all for the comments. It was a joy to see fellow KAPers via the zoom meeting. I am planning a second KAPiZoom meeting for the coming winter months.

    As part of the KAPiZoom 2020 meeting the attendees all agreed to record the meeting and to post to YouTube for all those
    who were unable to attend.

    Enjoy the video here.

  • Thanks for the video. It is great to see you all. Unfortunately, I missed the meeting. I was busy on a big renovation project outside my house. I will try to join you on the next meeting.
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