Into The Wind Kites - 9' Levitation Delta Kites - Out of Stock till 2021...

I lost two of my favorite 9 foot Levitation delta kites in 2020.....

Looking to replace them with a new Levitation delta....

Called into the Wind Kites (Boulder, CO) and they are out of stock and do not anticipate restock till early 2021 due to COVID-19 disruptions....

Any recommendations on a good substitute?



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    The 9ft deltas from Premier Kites are quite good, maybe not up to Levitation standard, but a lot cheaper. Example here and there are others on that page.
    ITW does still have the Dan Leigh deltas in stock, quite expensive but well made, of course. The XFS would be my choice of those, but the Whirlwind is bigger. All of them are smaller than the Levi or Premier, but can lift quite well..
  • Jim-

    Looks like Ken has them in stock at
    I just checked.

    Please give him my regards.

  • Paul, I checked with Ken ( and he is out of the 9' Levitation deltas. Premier kites may be out of their delta also...

  • NZflier - I did place an order for the Premier 9' delta kite. Hope to be testing the kite out in the coming weeks.

  • Sorry about that Jim. His site must not have been current when I checked.
    I don't suppose ITW offered other of their retail partners as a possibility.

    I had thought of getting another Levi as a back-up. Not now, I guess.
    Let us know how the Premier flies.

    Was it you who had used a stowaway Delta ... ? I suppose if it was great, you would
    not be looking for a Levi...

  • Stowaway delta is a great kite ... but I only use it when the wind gets over 30 mph.... with a very long tail. The stowaway replaced my PFK Nighthawk for most high wind flights....the nighthawk does good above 50 mph....

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    Happy 4th of July - to those so inclined !

    Jim- I just came across what is likely a tired-but-salavageable Levi sail.
    If you'd like, I can mail it to you. Add some spars ( I can pull together the dimensions for you ),
    and it may tie you over 'til you can get a new one in the Spring from Ken, or ITW.

  • Jim I don't know if this would suit but I fly Delta Conynes. The ones I have are made by Sun Oak. I see on their website they have Deltas too. Worth a check.
    They are at Crawford County, Indiana. They are beautifully made kites, I have a 14' & 10' in red white and blue!! They might be able to make to your own specifications.
  • Paul - Thanks for the offer - but I am OK for now. I am flying with my last Levitation delta now (modified with P400 spars and a new dynamic spreader design that I have been working with Mike LeDuc on). Good progress on that front....

    Pete - Agree the Sun Oak kites are great. The farmer behind my home retired a few years back. I gave him a framed print of his farm from above from my kite. He returned the favor and dug out a Sun Oak delta from his attic and give it to me. I still have it in my kike shed! The delta conynes are a wonderful design and can develop a strong pull on the kite line quickly.

    I will stick with trying the Premier 9' delta kite short term and most likely return to the Levitation deltas when they return to stock next year.


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    Good to hear, Jim.
    Keep us posted on the Premier 9, and Mike's new invention.
    Sun Oak are great kites.
    The 9 ' Delta Conyne is a fabulous flyer, to, and from, the hand.
    Before the Levis, it was my first choice to fly.

    I have a large Sun Oak ( 13' ? ) never flown ( broken spreader ) that I should sell.
  • Premier 9 foot delta kite just arrived at the WW proving grounds ;-)

    Currently I have more lightning bolts than wind....thus flight testing will be delayed a bit.

    Initial inspection comments:
    - kite looks solid and well built
    - the kite is a bit smaller than my ITTW Levitation delta (about 2 inches narrower on each wing (4 inches total).
    - The kite has two attachment points (regular and high wind)
    - The stock spars are fiberglass with no ferrules (the kite came in a long box!). I most likely will switch to skyshark framing in the future.

    I will provide additional details after some test flights!

    Pictures below show the Premier 9 foot delta compared to the ITTW Levitation delta (which has been reframed with skyshark tubes and new experimental dynamic spreader that I am working with Mike LeDuc on)..

    Premier Kites 9 foot Delta

    Premier Kites 9 foot Delta
    Premier Kites 9 foot Delta
    Premier Kites 9 foot Delta
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