KAPfoil 1.6 or 3.0

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I am going to buy and I am wondering about KAPfoil 1.6 and KAPfoil 3.0. The discussions usually comes to kap1.6 and I feel it's great. My area has magnetic wind bft2 to bft4 both kites may be stable?
I see inside kap3.0 there is this grid detail
Does kap1.6 have this detail or not?
I like kite sure like that!


  • I see you've been watching my video of the 3.0! I haven't tried the smaller version, but I guess the construction will be similar. The 3.0 is very manageable in a wide wind range, and since it will give you more lift than the 1.6 it would be better in light-wind situations as well as doing a good job in higher wind. I don't know what you're lifting, but the 1.6 might be a little under-powered.
    Jim Nicholls
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    Thanks Jim,
    I want to choose a small kite because some places are quite narrow (there are often trees and rivers). A kite that stays up straight and does not wobble will be great. These places use delta kites as well but with large kites and long tails will be difficult.
    But the narrow place is not a big deal, my problem is the need for a stable kite. I had a pilot from China but it always fell when the wind exceeded bft2.
    I also only lifted some windsock, not too heavy as the camera.
  • I haven't used the KAP Foil 3.0 to lift a camera, but have used it for windsocks and other fairly big "line laundry" items, and it lifts quite well. If you think the 1.6 will be enough for you I'd think it would need a decent breeze to be powerful enough. Remember, too, that the KAP Foils come with a fairly long tail (I haven't flown mine without it) and that could get caught on the trees you mention. You could consider a Power Sled instead, perhaps. These usually come with a drogue, but actually fly just as well without it.
    In the end, it is all a compromise, since there is no one perfect kite. I hope you find something you are happy with and that does the job for you.
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    Thanks Jim.
    Can you show me some pictures of the texture inside the kapfoil 3.0? I want to see the stitch (stitches)
  • I hope these will be OK. It all seems (to my inexpert eye) to be very well sewn.
  • Thanks Jim.
    Everything is very meticulous, I will choose this kite. The delivery process may take half a month. After flying test I will continue to comment on this kite here. Hopefully this will be someone's question like me, and they can find answers like me.
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    I have used the KAPfoil 1.6 quite a bit and found it to be a good Bft 3-4 kite. It has poor lift in lull but is rock solid in a steady flow. It is a powerful kite for its size and must be flown with a tail. It will swing around a fair bit on a short line so you have to be ready for that on launch and recovery.

    Comparison with the Didak Explorer '16' shows it to be a stronger lifter with a steeper flying angle. It keeps a much better line than the Explorer.



    Depending on what I want to do I find the power of the KAPfoil a bit intimidating, I never fly it without being positive I can anchor it to a solid fence post!

  • Thanks Bill,
    How much traction of kap 1.6 in bft6? I see you assess it can pull a bike. I think traction is about 10kg.
  • I think in Bft 6 it would be a handfull!
  • Experience always makes these things less daunting. I remember years ago buying a Sutton Flowform 16 and flying it in a stiff breeze and feeling I could scarcely control it. But after numerous flights of bigger kites, I now think of the Sutton as quite tame!
  • All soft aero foil kites don’t deal with lulls well - they tend to collapse and don’t re-inflate unless you are quick to start hauling line in. That said I use my FF16 much more than my FF30 which I use only when I’m really confident the wind won’t suddenly strengthen - the pull is almost unmanageable without something to anchor it to - anchoring to self with a climbers strap just means you get dragged against your will!

    My FF16 lifts all my rigs (including the heaviest - my Hover rig with a Canon EOS M) in winds over 12mph (Bft 4) and can lift my lighter rigs at the upper end of BFT 3.
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    My bike, with gear, is around the 20kg mark.

    I think the KAPfoil is trimmed for a fairly aggressive AOA. I have 2 'miniature' custom 'PL Lifter' (2.3 and 1.8 m2 ) foils by Peter Blackmore with a near zero AOA and they, despite similar size to the KAPFoil, have nowhere near the pull. They can take patience to launch and lift less load but are much easier on the arm!



    In lull, if the load is not excessive, the foil will 'parachute' provided line tension is maintained. I have seen my rig keep line tension enough to keep a foil flying but never the KAPfoil, I believe the heavy fabric weighs against it in lull.

    Where possible my KAP requires slack line, with the KAPfoil I achieve this by walking down wind with it. It likes to fly with a very tight line otherwise.

    I often miss the narrow window & manoeuvrability of a delta but the foils win hands down for bike based KAP operations.


    If there is plenty of elbow room the foils work a treat, this montage was shot from a 2.3m foil.
  • I use the Kapfoil 1.6 and find it predictable to fly. My rig weighs 400-500g. At the low end of Bf 3 it can be a little too feeble for KAP, 20 km/h wind is perfect, will fly great in 50+ km/h but can be a chore to haul in.

    I don't think it has that mesh vent.
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