Sign of the times

Definitely not good news if stuff like this spreads................


  • Sad times indeed!

    I think we should start a public effort to reverse this un wise decision in Egypt and promote safe kite flying as a way to stay human in these tough pandemic times! Perhaps reach out to our fellow kite communities for help!

  • alas when a well meaning idea is totally the wrong way to go.
    Those accidents would always of happened in no way would kites have been needed.
  • Sad indeed and useless
    A few years ago I managed to KAP the pyramids but flying a kite was already difficult or expensive in Baksheesh ...!

  • edited August 2020
    Pierre, for those not familiar with the term, perhaps I can point out that baksheesh is the local way of describing a back-hander, or bribe, with many officials willing to turn a blind eye for a suitable fee. Nice atmospheric photo, by the way.
  • Sad news. I managed to KAP at the Great Pyramids in Cairo and also at the Bent Pyramid in Dashur in Dec. 2010, right before the first revolution. It was not a pleasant experience back then and as Pierre said, cost me some baksheesh.

    I do hope to return to KAP there some day, with permission.
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