An introduction to Hedgerowpete

Hi all, My name is Pete and I live in the Midlands in the UK. My kite history is more focused on high altitude kiting and long distance kiting as well as kite fishing and power kites. Due to age and knees and grand children we are now more into inflatables and display stuff as well as a few other ideas.

I have done very very little in the way of any form of KAP. I now want to start slowly and try dipping my toe in the waters. I plan to start with an incredibly basic set up and from there work my way inwards, once I know what I want from it.


  • Hi Pete.
    Basic does the job just fine.
    A couple of times I have just taped a GoPro directly to the kite line to get photos when the additional weight of a supporting rig couldn't be lifted by the kite in play.
    I hope you share some pictures here soon.
    Light wind KAP rig!
  • My first try was with my phone, two reusable zipties and an s-biner. Worked a treat,!
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