Kite delta flight improvements

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Some kites like delta as Levitaion kite find some improvements with our friend kaper Mike Leduc.
It helps to flight with wind conditions variations.
The community of the kiters and kite photographers is grateful for this wonderful innovation .
It is a major discovery because usual delta kites can't fly wihtout it with the climatic change.
Living in Europe and coming to Berck and Dieppe kite festival we have to vulgarize this major use with kite .
I want to write one article on the Cerf-Volant Club de France review: Lucane .
Before doing this it will be interesting to be able to receive the original dynamic spreader .
Mike, can you furnish me one kit?
Thanks a lot.
José from France .


  • Hi Jose,
    Sorry for my delay responding to you. I live in Cedar Rapids Iowa and we had a bad wind storm (Derecho) last week that basically leveled most of the trees and many structures in the area with sustained straight line winds up to 112 MPH. We have been without power since last Monday (Aug 10) and cellular / internet service is spotty at best. Our house only sustained minor damage but we lost most of our trees. Thankfully no injuries to family or friends.

    All that to say.... I would be more than happy to send you a Dynamic Spreader as soon as things get back to some sense of normalcy here (1 to 2 weeks hopefully). Does that support your need schedule for the kite festival and article? Thank you for the kind words regarding the DS and your willingness to bring more awareness of it to our kite community. Let me know if I can provide any additional support for this.

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