the ROKKER ; a new vented Rokkaku with good features of Roller

For KAP the search of stability and good confidence is pushing me to trials for vented ROKKAKU (after many nights dreaming about Nicolas Chorier's kite for KAP...)

a new solution that is much easier in sewing and assembly for this kind of kites is shown in :

the ROKKER shows very good performances.. I'm very happy of this kind of kite

it offers a wider range of wind speed and a clear change of angle of incidence when the wind speed is increasing; the good performances of Roller, Dopero and several other kites have a positive influence on the lower sail (yellow in the proto kite)

SMAC from Italy


  • Excellent concept. Will try on my next Rokkaku. You have inspired me before with your Kiwi Delta that I have in the building stage now. Thanks for the ideas ...
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