A new map cataloging my South Bay photos

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During our pandemic quarantine, I have been working on lending order to my KAP South Bay image catalog. About half of my salt pond sessions do not have a Flickr album to convey representative images so I am working on posting images from some of my earlier sessions. This explains the recent flood of c. 2013 photos in my Flickr photostream.

My photographs are used fairly often by the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project folks for outreach and in support of their sponsored science projects. It is sometimes a challenge pointing interested parties to the appropriate photographs. This week I put together a new way to access images for those sessions that do have a Flickr album. I have created a Google My Map site that provides a cartographic key for these sessions and I think it will prove to be a useful way to access my photos.


This map of South Bay KAP sessions was made using Google My Map.


The side menu lists my Flickr albums by year. You can display or hide the coverage in three-year blocks. In the red sidebar header, there is a search icon. This allows you to search for specific locations, times, or keywords. For example, try searching for A21 or Oliver Salt or train. If you click on one of the map’s album icons, the sidebar will show specifics for that session.


The important item in this view is the album URL at the top, which will take you to the session’s Flickr album. The rest of the sidebar is the session description as taken from Flickr and a few details at the bottom including the number of photos in the session and keywords.

I found Google My Map to be pretty straightforward and I like the value of this new interface. If you have some time on your hands, give it a whirl.


  • Cris,

    Wonderful work and a deep rich data set that can easily be searched / navigated with this compilation using Google My Map.

    During KAPiCA 2016 we did a few sessions over the salt ponds....I still have several hundred KAP photos to sort out and post .... a bit behind on my workflow! ;-)

    I hope to explore this over the coming weeks... Google My Map looks very promising.


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