Suitable Kite for a 1.1 kg Rig

I currently use a 9 foot leviation delta kite for my KAP rig...I've just added a new power pack for the new pan and elevation on the rig - obviously this increases the weight of the rig and the kite now struggles with the additional loading.
Any recommendations for a bigger kite that could comfortably deal with a 1.1 kg load?


  • I think you must have quite low winds - a 9' Levitation should be able to lift that rig in Bft 4+ I think. What sort of wind speeds do you normally experience?

  • Thanksfor responding. The kite will take the load but the extra weight has definitely affected its performance in lighter winds. Are there any larger levitation kites on the market?
  • You'll need a big kite to lift 1.1kg in the lower wind range. What about a custom 3m Rok from one of our friends Smac or Piotr (Blue Kite Team)?

    The danger with such a kite is that if the wind gets up then you'll have a hell of a fight on your hands.

    I've lifted up to 1.35kgs before with both my PFK delta (6ft) in a solid force 5, and with the 'Shazam' 11ft delta in a strong 4/low 5. These are my most used kites by far. The 11ft delta is very forgiving when the wind blows harder. There is a lot of flexibility.
  • Have you considered stacked deltas?

    I often add the smaller Messa Delta Coyne a metre or so below my Levi Light for extra lift when the wind drops. It's very effective and is a great addition to my kite bag when the wind is expected to fall off as the day progresses.

    I guess the larger Alpine DC below a Levi Light would work well too although I haven't tried this combination yet.
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