Migrating the KAP Forum - Current Status

edited September 2020 in General
I've done a fair bit of work migrating the forum to its new home here. It replicates this forum as of the 5th of September - I will create copies of any later posts here as soon as possible.

Currently your existing passwords will not work (Vanilla has changed the hashing/encrypting method) and unfortunately so far neither Cris nor I can get the new forum to send out emails when you say you have forgotten your password.

What does work is the ability of an admin (me or Cris) to set a new password, so for the moment if you want to log on please send me (dave@zenoshrdlu.com) an email with your existing username and desired password. Note that once you can log on you will be able to change your password.


  • Current Issues:
    old passwords do not work (see above)
    the system can't currently send emails
    there are some minor UI differences (boxes around posts)
    avatars may not display (it depends where they were stored)
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