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  • I would like to make a suggestion building up on an earlier suggestion in this thread about KAPers trying to get together this week.

    How about we start a new thread for World Wide KAP Week 2011 and have that thread be focused on people coordinating their locations (Country/region-state perhaps) to leave this thread open to other details?
  • Great plan, april/may, I'll get all the local villagers out on the beach, like we did last year and start a bonfire and make some pictures

    Great Ramon
  • SueSue
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    @ Meerstone
    (this is also a whisper with where exactly I'll be staying)( & any other KAPers likely to be in the Yorkshire Dales area) I'll be slightly, North of Otley. I can give you more details if we can meet up.
    I have become interested in Neolithic sites, stone circles, canal locks, geological phenomenon etc as well as 'normal' subjects. I don't know what is in the area. Ilkley Cow & Calf rocks area isn't too far away and I've seen some stone circles on Google Earth too.
    Fly High
  • So I got out and did some sunset KAP this evening, and halfway through the session I remembered it's less than a month to World Wide KAP Week 2011!

    I was flying within minutes of sunset with my split-ND filter on the end of my lens. Of course I failed to check my camera settings prior to flying it, so most of the session was lost to low light and operator error. But I got one good panorama out of it that made it worthwhile. But now I have one more site on my list that I must MUST get back to during WWKW 2011. Hot dang!

    My one regret in all this is I was planning on having a new camera and rig built and ready to go before WWKW started. I don't think there's a chance of that now, but the gear I have is still working great so I'm still stoked.

    Everyone else getting ready for WWKW? Got your list of spots picked out? Got your last minute gear checks done and kites in good flying order? If not, now's the time. WWKW is just around the corner!

  • Cap Blanc nez is doable in 1 weekend from where I live. I could be in France on 30 april and 1 may. Maybe leaving at friday night.

    If the french meeting could be in that aeria and time-frame, it could well become a french-dutch outing.
    If it all gets planned, there is room in my car for other adventurers that are interested in a super short break.

    Needed: cheep lodging in the aeria. Any advice on that from our french KAPers?

  • SueSue
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    @ Meerstone
    I'm sorry. I got the dates wrong. I'll be near Otley on the SPRING BANK HOLIDAY, NOT for WWKW.
    I hope we can still meet up then.

    I will be camping (in my motorhome) near Abbotts Bromley, Staffordshire, for first (Bank Holiday) weekend of WWKW (and from the Tuesday after Easter) Are there any KAPers around there to meet up with?

    Does any one know of good KAP subjects in that area?

    Fly High

  • Hi Sue,

    nothing on the calendar for spring bank holiday so far. That gives me a bit more time to find suitable sites.

  • I should be at Swindon Kite Festival for the second weekend.
    Normally find a KAPer or two down there.

  • Hy Wirched,
    Unfortunatly, the 30/4 - 1st of May is the WE of the annual meeting of the CVCF (kite club of France), during Eurovolies near Nancy (Lorraine, in the East of France). I know that many of the French kapers (not all, of course) will be at this annual meeting on these 2 days.
    Personnaly, I will be in Eurovolies.
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    Benedict: "So I got out and did some sunset KAP this evening, and halfway through the session I remembered it's less than a month to World Wide KAP Week 2011!"

    Saturday was a great urban KAP day here, in Rotterdam: Bf 4, 3 sessions in one day (of which one paid!), 1600 photo's to sort out... A pity that WWKW2011 was not started yet ;-)

    Cube houses
  • @Sue

    Abbots Bromley is only 30 mins up the road. I'll let you know if I'm around for the Monday.
  • Abbots Bromley is not that far from me either.
  • SueSue
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    @ John W & Puffin. .
    I'm at Uttoxeter racecourse over the Easter weekend with the Camping Club Folk Group (taking 3 kite making workshops and free flying on Easter Monday for a short time) and going on to a farm camp site near Abbots Bromley on Easter Tuesday.

    I have just booked in at the Forestside Farm, Marchington, Nr Uttoxeter, Staffordshire,for the 28 April to 3 May to stay in my motorhome to be in the area for WWKW 1st weekend.
    I hope we can meet up.

    Fly High

  • May is a hostile-weather time in central Honduras, start of the rainy season in these parts. But it is something to shoot for!

    Tegucigalpa Honduras
  • Count me in, too. This will be my first also. That week, I will be in mid-South Carolina and at Carolina Beach, NC near the mouth of the Cape Fear River.
  • SueSue
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    @ John W & Puffin

    I've edited my earlier entry.

    Fly High

  • 11 days and counting until WWKW11. Don't forget to charge your batteries and clear your memory cards. A session or two before the start will remind you of what else you might need. Good luck to everyone, and cannot wait to see everyone's results!

  • I couldn't put it any better :0)
  • Anyone doing the Royal Wedding, its on the 1st day of our week. Security will have a fit if someone launches a kite over Buckingham Palace !.

    Len,It will not be me!!
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    Hi Ramon.
    BKT is gearing up to celebrate WWKW11. We want this time to take photos in POZNAN. Some of the team, even sew especially for the occasion a new kite. Certainly we will see, and this is the best advertisement for KAP. We just have to arrange a permit to fly in the city.
    Aloha BKT.
  • Royal Wedding? Who's getting married?

    Is that a shock to people in England, as the rest of the world could probably care less who prince Bill is marrying. I'm sure I'd get the same look as my neighbor gives me when he asks me about the race, and I say "What race?" Apparently, if you're into Nascar, it consumes your soul and changes your voice to add a slight twang... Basically, what I'm trying to say is go for the KAP, and when the "Royal" guard asks "What the hell are you doing, don't you have any respect for THE Wedding?", you can just say, "What wedding???"

  • Hi BKT and everyone else,

    I hope you all selected a bunch of nice locations to KAP at. I used Google Earth extensively to scrutinize the environment of Caps Blanc Nez and Gris Nez and there's enough around worthwhile to shoot from above.

    Oh, some more info for the newcomers - your contribution for WWKW2011 can be dropped here: World Wide KAP Week

    And counting...

  • My plans for WWKW 2011:

    1 - Don't get sick
    2 - Get out and do a bunch of KAP
    3 - Don't get sick
    4 - Maybe build out a new rig during the week (WHEE!!)
    5 - Don't get sick

    Oh, did I mention not getting sick? I have a lot to make up for from 2010. And guess what? I'm home sick! I just hope I get it out of my system now so I can play during WWKW.

  • Not sure if anyone is going to be around Florida or not, but Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-134) is scheduled for liftoff the first day of WWKW11 at the Kennedy Space Center at 3:47p (EST). This is the second to the last shuttle launch ever. Better get there early (if you're going), because it fills up quickly in all surrounding areas.


    p.s. Tom, it doesn't matter if you are sick or not, you still take great pictures. Hope to see some more from the air this year!
  • Sue, I'll have to see if I can squeese some free time and pop to Marchington.
  • Hy Ramon,
    I apologize, I can't be at the Cap (KAp ?) Blanc et Gris Nez next week.
    I'm too busy and my 2 WE are already booked for kap in the middle and East of France.
    I hope you many nice kap targets. Did you notice Bergues (where Berck Kapnick 2011 had be ?) Just at the South, near Berck, you can have a look to Montreuil Sur Mer (sort of Castle City surrounding by large walls).
  • Emmanuel, I sent you a flickr mail about 1 hour ago :0)
  • Bergues might be a bit of a challenge to get near any of the walls. All depending on the wind direction. See here
    Caps blanc or gris could be nice targets, again with a little help of the wind. With the wind blowing towards see, those targets could prove well worth the effort. (drove by last week, looks both promising and challenging)

    I'll be heading to the east of France and it looks like my son wants to come to. So, an other international kite event taking place in France soon...;-)
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    Hi Ramon!
    Does a banner with the inscription WWKW 2011 is to be in the picture?. With Ania we will prepare something.
    ps yesterday I flew with the 12 crane
    Aloha Piotr BKT.
  • I just got out of a meeting at work that put a smile on my face. I take WWKW off from work, but we've had some pressing projects that have caused some grumbles when I said I'd be out all of next week. One of those is our venting project. This is the project that might have had me flying a kite over our summit facility while setting off smoke flares to do flow visualization. Turns out that part of the project just hit high priority. I'm going to pick up the marine flares tomorrow, we're doing particulate and residue tests at HQ that afternoon, and then one day next week I get to fly kites at the summit and take pictures of smoke. YAY! Paid KAP!

    MAN I'm looking forward to WWKW. I swear I'll bundle up while I'm up there. No pneumonia this year!

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