Panorama play continues


I have continued to work on the bubble panorama technique and have found a whole world of interesting software and approaches out there. This morning I am trying out Pano2QTVR, an intuitive conversion program by Thomas Rauscher of Austria. Kudos to Thomas.

A view of one of the heroically constructed flow control gates that once controlled the flow of brine from “the crescent’ to salt crystallization ponds in the Arden Salt Works. This area was once upland marsh, then became a the Arden Salt Works, and is now becoming marsh again as the LaRiviere Marsh Resporation Project.

One Response to “Panorama play continues”

  1. Cris Says:

    An aerial view of the control gate. The panorama shows the uppermost of the two gates visible in the image.

    Flow gates in the ruins of the Arden Salt Works

    These gates once controlled the flow of salt brine from the crescent-shaped distribution basin to the crystallization ponds of the salt works. The landscape has recently reaquired its mantle of ebb-and-flow marsh as part of the LaRiviere Marsh restoration project.