Class field trip to the Weep


On Friday I took my VS186A: Documentary Photography class at Berkeley out for a hike to the Weep. It is nice to get out to the Weep; all the more so in good company. It has been a while since I visited the Weep and I was pleased to find it moist and sporting a bright green growth of what looked like cyanobacteria. I have posted a small set on Flickr with images from the pole-mounted camera (Panasonic LX3 with 0.75x wide angle adapter) plus a couple of earlier kite shots from the New Chicago Marsh.

Class visit to the Weep

I used one sweep of images to stitch a panorama, which turned out ok but a bit hazy on the horizon. In the large version, accessible through Flickr, Danny and Molly appear in four places each – they were walking through the scene as I shot the image sequence.

Class visit to the Weep

After the jump you will find links to more information on the Weep plus a Flickr set with 20 or so images of us and the landscape.

I have a collection on Flickr with images from eight different trips out to the Weep. Check it out to see the variety of conditions we have found out there.

And here is a link to our online (abridged) article on the Weep for Bay Nature. There is also a short video from a hike to the Weep we staged for Bay Nature.:

Finally, the Flickr set from yesterday’s trip:

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