Today’s trip to Don Ed



The marshes seemed to be bulging today though the tide in the bay was very low exposing tires and junk underneath the bridge.

The birds were still around though not in the numbers they were the last time I was there (probably a month and a half). Saw lots of Black-necked Stilts and American Avocets, and of course ducks.

Also saw a Great Blue Heron at Don Edwards over by the pumphouse area (I had only seen one at Bayfront before) and the biggest Snowy Egret I have ever seen!



One Response to “Today’s trip to Don Ed”

  1. Cris Says:


    That first image from under the bridge comes across as a scene from out of the world (old tires excepted) — sort of like a futuristic science fiction lonely planet rendering. It is interesting to think that it is only a bridge length’s away from the previous post (Fresh Air).

    I went in and added your missing name to the database. Thanks for posting.