Exhibit – The New Naturalists


If you find yourself in Indianapolis I have South Bay photographs on display as part of a group exhibition at the Herron School of Art and Design.

The New Naturalists: contemporary artists in the realm of natural history, opened in the Robert B. Berkshire, Eleanor Prest Reese and Dorit and Gerald Paul Galleries on January 13 and continues through February 16.

From the catalog:

“The practice of carefully observing things and phenomena in the places where they are found led naturalist Charles Darwin to arrive at conclusions that have been generating discussion for more than 150 years. Supplanted by specialty and laboratory-based experimentation, naturalists in more recent years had come to be seen as anachronistic amateurs. Pushed to the margins, they became as endangered as some of the species they studied.

Of late, biologists and ecologists have grown increasingly concerned that this swing of the pendulum away from naturalism—which at its core is keen observation—hinders the ability to deeply understand natural systems.

Enter contemporary artists as the new naturalists.

Their work is derived from sustained observation and research. It also reflects a tradition of experimentation in the oldest sense of the word: as understanding derived through direct experience. Biologist David Gilligan describes such artists as “…necessary liaisons between specialists and laypeople, … interpret[ing] a natural world that is changing perhaps more quickly than we can know.”

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