Homage to Gayle’s “Junk underneath the Bridge”


A few posts back Gayle contributed an image of a tattered stick underneath the Dumbarton Bridge. I was out that way on Sunday and while poking about I came apon Gayle’s under much different circumstances. While Gayle’s photo of the stick had a delightful Ray Bradbury-desolation-of-Mar’s quality to it, mine seems as though on vacation at the Copacabana.

Under the Dumbarton Bridge

An incoming tide laps at the stick.

It was a remasrkably calm and balmy afternoon out in the salt ponds. I hiked down to the Hetch Hetchy pipeline with my new fisheye KAP rig hoping to stage its maiden flight over the pipeline and railroad. After rigging my largest kite I waited for an hour or so for winds to arrive but the never really did. I was forced to take a nap. The highest altitude obtained by the camera rig was about eight feet.

A handheld aerial fisheye

There was no wind to lift the camera so here is a handheld shot at the edge of one of the salt ponds. Note that you can see the sky as a blue ring around the entire periphery of the circular image.

4 Responses to “Homage to Gayle’s “Junk underneath the Bridge””

  1. Gayle Says:

    It has felt like a vacation out there lately, huh? Too summery to get any real photo work done (according to my teachers anyway- they keep complaining about the blue skies)! Well, I thought I would go stick-crazy and leave you another one…

    Heron's Head ciliate contracted 400x

  2. Gayle Says:

    hmm, picture is not showing up, le me try again:

  3. Gayle Says:

    Maybe pictures cannot be left in comments area? well, anyway, the picture i was gonna put up was the one in the interactive map- so check it out there!

  4. Cris Says:

    The image link was there but the “src=http://static.flickr.com/25/91310198_edaa0b024e_o.jpg” specification was not. I added it.

    These pretty days are tough for us professor types too. The students are not the only ones gazing out the windows.