A niche in the Pantheon of Tinkering


One of this summer’s projects was working with the Exploratorium staff assembling a four-page spread on my KAP gear for their upcoming book The Art of Tinkering (due out in November). This was great fun as the book’s layout is an interesting photographic project in itself. I was most pleased to be included. My part of the book is included in this online preview.

Photo shoot

Photo shoot for the Art of Tinkering.

During the project I became reacquainted with the fine staff of the Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio. In conversations I mentioned that my VLKCR (Very Low Cost KAP Rig), a project that became the cover story of MAKE Magazine Vol. 1, actually began as an Exploratorium project during my Artist-in-Residence stint there during a 2003 sabbatical. This led to an invitation to display VLCKR artifacts in the Tinkering Studio’s nicely done display cabinets, a niche in the Pantheon of Tinkering.

Tinkering Studio cabinet - Exploratorium .. Very Low Cost KAP Rig (VLCKR)

Display cabinet and KAP items at the Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio (August 2013)

The display was just mounted last week and I am tickled as punch. Yet to come are an iPad-based slide show of KAP images and permanent labels.

KAP in a bell jar

The display includes a tiny KAP tableau, complete with Picavet and camera rig, housed in a Bell jar.

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