Hydroseeding the E14 levee


In November 2013, Save the Bay began field work on a project to establish vegetation of the levee separating Salt Pond 14 to the north and Salt Ponds E8X and E9 to the south. This levee has a major makeover in 2011 and has been quite bare since. The idea is to establish a band of plant life to serve as habitat along the edge of E8X and E9 as these ponds are now connected to the tides and returning to a more natural state.

Hydroseeding the E14 levee

A pole shot of the hydroseeding truck on a foggy, windless morning.

This photo series begins with a set of pole aerial photographs taken in an early morning fog as the hydroseeding truck made the first of several passes. I returned two days later to take kite aerial photographs of the hydroseeded levee bank to discover that the green dye, added to the mix to help guide an even coverage, had already dissipated.

Here is a set of images from the session that I have posted to Flickr:


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