Bush Past Prime revisited


A few years back I hiked out to Salt Pond E2C for a round of photographs. This is a small pond near Turk Island. I discovered on that initial visit that it had been recently connected to the tides via a set of culverts that connected to the Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel. The pond bottom offered interesting textures and I was particularly taken with the skeletal remains of a dead bush.

One photograph of the bush made it into my portfolio with the title “Bush Past Prime.” This was during the previous presidential administration and I avoided the title “Dead Bush” thinking it might get the NSA in a tither.

Bush Past Prime revisited

A couple of weeks ago I had the occasion to hike back out to Salt Pond E2C where I found and photographed the remains of that same dead bush. The pond bottom has changed texture (sediment!) and there are a few channels developing here and there to carry the tidal flow. The bush is still quite dead. The most startling observation is that it has been 100 months since the original photograph.

Tempus fugit.

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