Saltscapes reviewed


Saltscapes cover

Saltscapes, my book on the South Bay salt pond landscape, is being reviewed here and there.

Lyra Kilston, writing for the Wired RAW Files, conducted a thorough interview before publishing Wired’s review.

“Benton has explored the South Bay with a deft eye and a historian’s ardent curiosity. His images may be as abstract as mid-century paintings, but they double as aerial archeology, revealing the borders of former evaporation pools, a defunct rail line, and the remains of cabins inhabited at the turn of the last century. The book presents a fascinating overview of the evolution of the local salt industry, including the origins of the conservation movement Save the Bay, and the encouraging collaboration between the Cargill salt plant and wetland restoration efforts.”

Kenneth Baker, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, kindly associated my work with the fine precedents set by  Thomas Heinser, Robert Hartman and the late William Garnett.

“Benton’s technique is as specialized and challenging as it sounds. The indirectness of his process, and his eye for editing the images he captures, restore some sense of the creative difficulty dissipated by the digital revolution’s having put a camera in everyone’s pocket.”

Kathleen Gerard, writing for Shelf Awareness, selected Saltscapes as a non-fiction book of the year (a starred review).

“Benton’s striking photographs visually engage our spatial sensibilities and illustrate exciting, fresh perspectives of a largely unexplored American territory in restorative transformation.

Berkeleyside, my local news outlet, featured a nice spread on the work in the form of an illustrated interview with Tracey Taylor.

The kite aerial photography community weighed in via pleasant and energetic reviews of the book on Amazon. Thanks to all who submitted a review!

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