A visit to Drawbridge


In July 2014 I made my way out to Drawbridge for the first photography session since December 2012. It was fun to be out there again. The vegetation in Salt Pond A21 has really expanded in recent months – the pond is starting to look like a marsh.

Drawbridge, California - July 2014

Drawbridge in a view taken near sunset


As for Drawbridge, it continues to return to the earth. Each year seems to bring a bit more graffiti adorning an ever-smaller stock of ruined buildings. This year seems unusual in that there is a new network of paths connecting the buildings, many of which have planks laid on their bottoms to help during the higher tides.

Drawbridge, California - July 2014

New paths are quite evident in this view.

I note in the photographs that the curve-topped end wall of the old Gordon Gun Club has fallen over. It stood for about 125 years as this building was the second structure built in Drawbridge.

Here is a set of images from the session that I have posted to Flickr:


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