Eden Landing Redux


Salt Pond E12 managed pond project

Old textures blend with new in the flats just south of Eden Landing (Salt Pond E12).

Go back 150 years or so and Eden Landing held a prominent place in the East Bay cultural landscape. Here topography and entrepreneurship combined to provide a boat landing on Mt. Eden Creek that served as one of the area’s central cargo hubs. By the end of the 19th century the railroad era had arrived and Eden Landing, like others, faded into obscurity. Later yet, Mt. Eden Creek itself disappeared as diking for salt ponds transformed the landscape. Up until a few years ago Eden Landing Road terminated in a barren plain of fallow salt ponds.

Eden Creek bridge

Mt. Eden Creek – newly restored in this 2008 view. Six years ago Salt Pond E12 (upper right) was a barren plain.

This has been a landscape in transition for over a century and happily the transformation continues as the area around Eden Landing has been designated the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, part of the larger South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project. Within the last few years large swaths of disused salt ponds have been returned to tidal flow, other areas have been transformed into shallow ponds managed as wildlife habitat, and the creek itself has been restored to tidal flow. Eden Landing Road once again terminates at a navigable channel.

Salt Pond E12 managed pond project

Salt Pond E12, newly subdivided, as seen from across Mt. Eden Creek (view toward south).

The current phase of restoration work includes provisions for public access. There will be a trail out to the interesting ruins of the Oliver Salt Works and the outlet of (former) Salt Pond E9. Construction is currently underway on a kayak launching dock near the site of the original Eden Landing. So, decades later we have come full circle and this fine spot on Mt. Eden Creek will once again provide access to San Francisco Bay.

Eden Landing kayak launch construction

Kayak launch site under construction at the end of Eden Landing Road.

I recently made it out to Eden Landing Road to take a round of photographs of the kayak dock under construction and views of the neighboring Mt. Eden Creek Marsh project as well as the recently reconfigured Salt Pond E12 managed ponds.

Here is a set of images from the sessions that I have posted to Flickr:




I am taking these documentary photographs under a Special Use Permit from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. Kite flying is prohibited over the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve without a Special Use Permit, as is access to this part of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.

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