Construction at the Oliver Salt Works ruin


As the Phase I restoration activities wind down at the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (ELER) the day approaches when areas of the reserve will be open to the public. The plans have long called for public access to levee-top trails, the construction of a kayak launch on Mt. Eden Creek (a new Eden Landing!), and a chance to see the impressive Oliver Salt Works ruins at close range.

Construction at the Oliver Salt Works site

Construction site for the new public viewing platform at the Oliver Salt Works ruins.

Over the last year or so it seems that with each visit to Eden landing I find new projects underway in anticipation of public access. These include benches and signage near the outlet of Salt Pond E9, signage standards installed near the row of wind pump ruins in Salt Pond E14, construction well under way at the kayak launch site, new fencing to denote areas out-of-bounds, and most recently construction of viewing platforms underway at the Oliver Salt Works site.

Construction at the Oliver Salt Works site

Flirting with the construction crane. My nifty Nikon Hypsometer let me know that the crane top was 232 feet away and 106 feet high.

Last Sunday I headed out to ELER with the idea of taking some follow up color and texture shots of the shallow waters in the newly reconfigured Salt Pond E12 complex. On arriving I found these ponds largely dry with huge bags of pea gravel placed on several of the “bird islands” dotting the landscape. So, I wandered over to the Oliver Salt Works site where I found construction had begun on public viewing platforms. This construction became my subject for the day.

Construction at the Oliver Salt Works site

Plan view of the tidy construction site.

This was a pleasant day of kite flying with the Sutton 16 lifting my lighter Canon EOS-M cradle with ease. After photographing the Oliver Salt Works site, Claudia and I walked the camera down to the largely dry E12 pondlets and then back up to the new flow control structure at the west end of E13. All together this was a productive session. This particular set of photographs covers the Oliver Salt Works construction site.

Construction at the Oliver Salt Works site

Later in the day.

Here is a set of images from the sessions that I have posted to Flickr:



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