Salt Pond E2


In the kick-off briefing session for this year’s round of photographs, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (SBSPRP) management team expressed interest in coverage of the bay edge of Salt Pond E2. This pond lies just north of the Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel on the outboard side of the pond complex that will be involved in the upcoming Phase II of the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (ELER) projects. I visited the site several years ago but did not take photographs at that time.

Salt Pond E2 - October 2014

A thin line of levee separating pond from bay.

Salt Pond E2 is the largest of the ELER ponds. On this visit it held water that appeared, in color and turbidity, quite similar to bay water although there were growths of algae and cyanobacteria evident here and there. The western edge of the pond is defined by a thin levee that separates the pond from the bay proper. A large strip of marsh lies just south of the pond, nestled between the pond levee and the flood control channel. I had not realized that this bit of marsh was relatively large.

Salt Pond E2 - October 2014

Detail from the marsh on the south edge of Salt Pond E2.

Kite flying during the session was straightforward with the Sutton 30 easily lofting the EOS-M cradle during a two-hour flight. While this area lacks the visual drama of other ELER ponds I find the set interesting for the coverage of that south edge marsh and the thin line of levee separating ponds from bay. I am also pleased to have a baseline image set that predates upcoming SBSPRP interventions.

Salt Pond E2 - October 2014

A line duck blind in the expanse of Salt Pond E2.

Here is a set of images from the sessions that I have posted to Flickr:



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