I am ready for my closeup


On a fine early October afternoon I met journalist Wayne Freedman out at Battery Mendell in the Marin headlands to do a video interview. It is always fun to watch a pro at work so the afternoon proved entertaining as Wayne set up a variety of shots to support the interview narrative. Cameras were strapped to my camper for trips through the old Ft. Barry Tunnel, footage was shot of me schlepping backpacks and assembling gear, and so forth.

Battery Mendell

Your author on the wrong side of the camera.

When it came time to fly the camera the day’s dense fog dissipated as though on command and the breeze sorted itself out after some variability (two-kite day). I then spent an hour or so flying around the century old Battery Mendell while Wayne shot process footage. This post includes some sample images from the session.

Battery Mendell

Battery Mendell gun station. Click through for more aerials from the session.

Edit: The segment is now available online. I think Wayne put together a sympathetic and informative piece. As a side note it could also serve as the textbook illustration for “bad hair day.” Just coming off a camping trip I was way behind on getting a haircut and doing the interview after four hours of sweaty kite flying was probably a bad idea. Yikes.

Battery Mendell

A stitched panorama at Battery Mendell.

Here is a set of images from the session that I have posted to Flickr:




I am taking these aerial photographs as a volunteer with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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