A walk by Salt Ponds E12, E13, and E14


Having been on a bit of a hiatus from my South Bay work it was fun to head out last week for photographs in the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (ELER). This was my first visit to photograph since late 2014. Back then construction had recently been completed on subdividing Salt Ponds E12 and E13 into smaller ponds with the intent of managing these to provide a variety of salinities and habitats. Now two years later I was delighted to find that the smaller ponds are indeed sporting different colors – an indication of different salinities. The ponds’ carefully constructed shallows were already hosting shorebirds in this exercise of managed habitat.

Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

This was also my first visit to ELER since its trail system has been opened to the public. It really is a terrific place to hike and observe wildlife. I noticed several joggers as I photographed and the occasional pedestrian. The rather nice observation platform at the Oliver Salt Works ruins is now open and there are several locations along the trails with interpretive signage and benches. The whole area looked quite tidy and inviting for humans as well as avians.

Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

The session provided some nicely graphic images. I confess a great fondness for images that merge and overlay patterns from ancient marsh, 19th-century salt works, and contemporary restoration.

Here is a set of images from the sessions that I have posted to Flickr:

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